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vaulting school

obsolete A house of prostitution; a brothel. ("Vaulting" being an allusion to sexual intercourse.) To such a depth of degradation he hast fallen, that his abode hast been a vaulting school for a fortnight past.
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vault over (someone or something)

To bound or leap over someone or something, especially by using one's hands to propel oneself upward. The robber vaulted over the fence and disappeared down an alleyway. The soccer superstar actually managed to vault over the defensive player, regain control of the ball, and send an amazing shot into the net.
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vault into

1. To attain, achieve, or accomplish something with great alacrity and vigor. With the overwhelming success of its new home console, the former toy maker vaulted into a position of dominance in the video game industry.
2. To propel someone to some point or state of success or prosperity, especially very suddenly or rapidly. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "vault" and "over." His revolutionary invention vaulted the scientist into fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams.
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vault into something

to jump or dive into something. The diver vaulted into the pool. He vaulted into bed and pulled up the covers.
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vault into

To attain some position as if by leaping suddenly or vigorously: With the sale of the company, the founders vaulted into a position of wealth.
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Keeping a journal and using it to analyze what works and what doesn't, takes a lot of the guesswork out of vaulting.
The more experienced vaulters (male & female) could warm up and work on motor-skill drills led by the best pole-vault technician (squad leader), not necessarily the best vaulter, while the novice vaulters could vault with the vault coach/spotter on the actual vaulting mat.