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Within the basement, the vaulted brickwork has been covered, as it would have originally been, with rough lime render and the spaces made lighter and clearer.
Its layered vaulted roof has a glazed north side, to admit the sky, and shading devices on the south side.
The two vaulted buildings are connected by a service core containing vertical circulation and services.
Architect and client, who had been impressed b Silvestrin's design of the stone floored and vaulted Johan restaurant in Graz (AR July 1998) persuaded them otherwise.
The restaurant off the Landhausgasse is gained by passing through a splendid Renaissance doorway and minimally detailed glass door into a vaulted antechamber, which Silvestrin has turned into an entrance lobby.
Without careful handling of light, the vaulted space might have been rather grim and oppressive, but the fenestration ensures that daylight splashes from both sides and each end on to the warm red bricks, laid in stretcher-bond with wide mortar joints, a reminiscence of the fine Norwegian history of brick building that comes from Denmark and is often forgotten by outsiders, who can see only the indigenous timber tradition.
The 8m wide body of the old building consisted simply of a series of vaulted rooms with windows both to the court and to the outside world.
As Summerson observed, the Breakfast Room 'has a low, vaulted ceiling like a Roman tomb-chamber', an association reinforced by the way in which the vault is placed within the room.