vault over

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vault over (someone or something)

To bound or leap over someone or something, especially by using one's hands to propel oneself upward. The robber vaulted over the fence and disappeared down an alleyway. The soccer superstar actually managed to vault over the defensive player, regain control of the ball, and send an amazing shot into the net.
See also: over, vault

vault over someone or something

to jump or leap over someone or something. Molly vaulted over Ted and kept on running. She vaulted over the trunk.
See also: over, vault
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Although I (Hannay) have coached on every level of the pole vault over the past 26 years, assisted and directed nearly 50 camps, and witnessed nearly 450,000 vaults, I have always lived with the fear of witnessing or contributing to an injury that could have been avoided--such as could easily occur to a vaulter wearing a helmet.
Coaches who allow their athletes to vault over and over again while doing everything wrong are committing a crime.