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vault into something

to jump or dive into something. The diver vaulted into the pool. He vaulted into bed and pulled up the covers.
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vault over someone or something

to jump or leap over someone or something. Molly vaulted over Ted and kept on running. She vaulted over the trunk.
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vault into

To attain some position as if by leaping suddenly or vigorously: With the sale of the company, the founders vaulted into a position of wealth.
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In pole vaulting it is important not merely to observe whether a vaulter clears the bar, but to slow down the video and break down the vault into its component parts--the handgrip, carry, run, plant, drive, swing, pull-turn-push, clearance technique, and where the vaulter lands in the pit.
With the cost of the event - more expensive than all other track events combined - a lack of coaches, few athletes who pole vault in youth programs and perceived danger, pole vaulting is a floundering event around the area.
The Vault Inbox service addresses privacy issues facing early adopters of e-document delivery systems.
Measuring some 55 nanometers by 30 nanometers, vaults sometimes look in microscopic images like pairs of unfolded flowers, each half of the vault made of eight petals attached to a central ring by a small hook.
Under the terms of the agreement, Wipro will offer Cyber-Ark's award-winning Enterprise Password Vault in addition to its full line of technology-driven business solutions.
That is precisely what the USA Pole Vault Education Initiative (USAPVEI) a sub-committee of the USA Track & Field's National & Olympic Committee (USATFNOC), is currently engaged in doing.
For the past three days Valencia High School's pole vault coach, Todd Sprague, and Canyon High's coach, Frank Rock, have taught about 15 aspiring vaulters - ages 12 to 32 - the fundamentals of the Olympic sport, which has waned in popularity in recent years.
Over the last seven years, USA Track & Field's National Pole Vault Development and Education Committee has invested considerable time and effort in the use of helmets in vaulting.
The concrete vault houses electrical panels and switches for the complex - which, at more than $170 million, is the nation's costliest high school.
Using Enterprise Password Vault, customers can effectively secure, manage, update and control privileged user accounts, including generic accounts like Administrator on Windows platforms, root on Unix systems, Cisco Enable, DBA (database administrator) passwords and hard-coded passwords that are found in applications and scripts throughout an enterprise.
I don't see a lot of innovations per se, but I do see important changes in injury prevention, especially in the pole vault," says Mark Strawderman, general manager of M-F Athletic's Track & Field division.
The Channel League, located in Ventura County, dropped the pole vault three years ago.
Vault expects to run similar contests for applicants in other fields, such as consulting, accounting, law, fashion and advertising.
Yet the women's pole vault continues to be dogged by the archaic and non-valid prejudices of the past, the outright disregard for women's capabilities in the event, and the general lack of coaching knowledge.
Her growth spurt led her from gymnastics to the pole vault, where the 5-foot-10 sophomore from Hoover High School ranks as the nation's No.