vary with

vary with (something)

1. To differ from or be at odds with something else. Our findings vary with the Pentagon's official report. We need to figure out why your answers vary with those of the textbook.
2. To become different based on or according to some determining factor. A person's reaction to this medication will vary with age. The tone of my writing tends to vary with how happy I am in a given moment.
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vary with something

1. to be at variance with someone's figures or a sum or estimate. My figures vary with yours considerably. Her estimate varies with yours by a few dollars.
2. to change according to something. The rainfall in New York State varies with the season. His mood varies with the stock market average.
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In trying to define a test procedure for predicting performance in an application, it is important to know and understand when a measured response is a material response, or when it may be affected by the configuration, and when the specific configuration effects can vary with different materials.
Compression set values will vary with the specific test method used.
Although it would be great if internships could offer a uniform educational experience, training will vary with firms' capacity to provide it.
Survival probabilities also vary with age, sex, and race, and therefore separate estimates of the effects of environmental covariates on survival should be made by these categories.
Information on disease status can be incorporated into the survival model by defining an individual-level covariate as an indicator function of the presence/absence of a disease, which would vary with time.
These percentages will vary with operational experience.
Fixed costs do not vary with clinical activity: capital expenditures for examining rooms and business office space, taxes, association dues, and administrative and business office staff.
(7) The pattern of lag coefficients is permitted to vary with the level of recent short-term rates to reflect the dependence of the duration of coupon bonds, such as corporate bonds, on the interest rate.
Dielectric materials have peak responses that vary with the frequency of the applied electric field.
Even if the tests are taken at the same line point, the time elapsed since mold preparation and testing will vary with other factors, such as line downtime.
This will vary with screw diameter and low pigment percentages.
These temperatures vary with each type of peroxide formulation.
Viscoelastic properties of rubber vary with changes in applied strain, frequency and temperature.