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coffin varnish

Alcohol, especially that which has been illegally prepared. Don't give me any more of that coffin varnish, or I'll be drunk in no time!
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coffin varnish

n. inferior liquor. You want some more of this coffin varnish?
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tonsil paint

and tonsil varnish
n. liquor; whiskey. The cowboy had to have his daily dose of tonsil paint before he stuffed his face full of beans and hardtack. This tonsil varnish would take the paint off a barn.
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tonsil varnish

See also: tonsil, varnish


mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also shellacked.) Really varnished, he was. Couldn’t see a hole in a ladder.
See also: varnish
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The hardness of the varnish layer is the most important parameter for the protection of wood against external factors.
This was relatively cheap nail varnish which achieved excellent results.
26] Hetzer, with the use of SEM, reported fluoride varnish present in pits and fissures of teeth 14 days after placement.
Going up against Malaysia's Fatehah Mustapa, Varnish was never in danger of losing out and comfortably took overall victory over two races.
Heartbroken Varnish was disqualified, along with Victoria Pendleton, in the women's team sprint at London 2012 for a trivial changeover transgression.
JESS Varnish was soundly beaten by team-mate Victoria Pendleton - and insists she wouldn't have it any other way.
London, Sept 4 (ANI): Known for sporting brightly coloured nails on court, Serena Williams has now started treating her fans to her own range of nail varnish.
Pulse Roll Label Products has announced the development of a new UV flexo release varnish for peel-and-read booklet labels.
VICTORIA PENDLETON is confident her team sprint partnership with Jessica Varnish is only going to get better as the London 2012 Olympic Games approach.
The company reports Acclean's pearlized white varnish sets rapidly on contact with saliva; dries to a natural tooth color; and remains on the tooth surface for up to 8 hours, optimizing fluoride uptake and reducing the risk of fluoride ingestion.
VARNISHING A HARDWOOD FLOOR YOU can give wooden floors a beautiful new look with a spot of varnish.
Whereas oil paints present a sealed surface to varnish, varnish will bond to watercolours and to the paper.
23% FFA, Nupro, Dentsply, Petropolis, RJ, Brazil); 3) Duraflur [R] varnish (2.
Young Dental introduces Varnish Pen by Young, an innovative all-in-one varnish delivery system that offers a quick, simple and mess-free approach to varnish applications.
JILTED track sprinter Jess Varnish cast a dark cloud over British Cycling's homecoming party last night as she was cleared to launch a landmark legal action.