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On September 25, highest incidence was recorded on varieties Black Beauty, Black Pearl and Bemisal followed by the variety Dilnasheen.
The farmers who irrigated the crops by tube well and canal were 100% for un-approved Shahkaar variety.
The new variety CPF-248 is higher cane yielder than SPF-245 and HSF-240.
Trincadeira Preta (Tinta Amarella): This variety is thought to be Tunisian in origin, brought long ago to Portugal.
For decades, Variety has been the first and last word on developments in the world of entertainment," said Williams.
Another student was asked to come up and hold a 6-inch string stretched out to represent the smallest variety, the pink fairy armadillo.
i) Varieties which are essentially derived from the protected variety, where the protected variety is not itself an essentially derived variety,
In addition to demolishing structures, demolition contractors face a variety of recycling-related tasks, including the primary sizing and separation of material.
New from Farmway is Smuggler Wheat ( a very high-yielding feed wheat and an ideal variety for the North-East farmer.
Other special soybean traits have been found in the collection and are used directly by the breeder for variety development.
If and when new diseases, pests, or other problems resulting from climate change and global warming threaten to wipe out agricultural production, it will most likely be a little-known, little-grown variety to provide the genes needed .
There is another guide to sugar level: NIAB recently started to measure the D-value of varieties at the sixth cut of a simulated grazing management in national list variety trials.
Any variety of apple can be grafted onto a dwarf root stock.
The most popularly identifiable lobster variety is the clawed lobster, also referred to as the Maine, American, or northern lobster.
One important contribution is Ethier's [1979, 1982] model for international division of labor, where intraindustry trade in horizontally differentiated intermediate goods in relation to autarchy makes the condition that increasing returns to scale are used in the variety production of intermediate goods.