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vary from (someone or something)

1. To differ from or be at odds with someone or something else. Our findings vary from the Pentagon's official report. The behavior of bees sprayed with the neurochemical vary drastically from that of unaffected bees.
2. To be different between two or more people, things, or groups. Reception of the proposed legislation varies from person to person, but the overall consensus is that it is the right step for the country. Certain traffic laws on vary widely from one state to another.
3. To change or alter from one state to another. Reactions to the film have varied from mild dislike to intense hatred. The weather in this part of the country can vary from cold rain to warm sunshine in the space of an hour.
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vary from (something to something)

to fluctuate over the range from something to something. The colors vary from red to orange. It varies from warm to very hot during the summer.
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vary from

To be different than something or someone; deviate from something or someone: The researchers determined that the behavior of children who took the medicine varied from normal patterns of behavior.
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The price of a 2.75 kg milk can varied from Dh63 to Dh70, a difference of Dh6 on the same can, quality and weight, from grocery to another.
The cost of a tea packet containing 100 bags varied from Dh12.75 to Dh13.95, and the price of 12 packets of cream ranged from Dh16.75 to Dh21.25.
The price of a can of beans ranged from Dh8.80 to Dh11.80, and that of a can of chickpeas varied from Dh 2.25 to Dh 3 per can.
The price of two cans of mayonnaise (same brand and quality), each weighing 946 grams, varied from Dh12.25 C to Dh17.60.
Liver damage varied from animal to animal, despite the rats' genetic similarities.
Vaccine efficacy in children was varied from 50% to 95%.
Furthermore, pesticide concentrations for individuals varied from one sampling time to another.
They varied from a minimum of 3 steps to a maximum of 26 steps and from a maximum of 8% (for amounts below $100,000) to a minimum of 0.015% (for amounts above $300 billion).
For the five test conditions, the crossover frequency varied from 1.40 to 1.51 times the natural frequency, in reasonable agreement with theory.
For the five test conditions, the roll off rate varied from 12.3 to 14.4 dB/octave, again, reasonably close to theoretical values.
For the four test conditions, the crossover frequency varied from 1.72 to 2.12 times the natural frequency, compared to the theoretical crossover frequency ratio of 1.414.
Among the criterion group (TRC counselors) in our study, the number of actions taken varied from 4 to 14, with a mean of 9.0 actions (SD = 2.98).