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vary between (someone or something)

1. To alternate between two or more different options, choices, or possibilities. I keep varying between graphite and ink for my drawings. The senator keeps varying between wildly different tones during his campaign—one moment he's making tearful emotional appeals, and the next he's spewing the most hateful vitriol against his opponents.
2. To alternate or fluctuate between two or more different states or conditions. The weather around here varies between cloudy and rainy—not a lot of sun in these parts.
3. To change or differ between two or more people, things, or groups. Reception of the proposed legislation has varied between demographics but has largely been positive. Specific laws will vary between one country and another, so you'll want to look into it before your trip across Europe this summer.
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vary from (someone or something)

1. To differ from or be at odds with someone or something else. Our findings vary from the Pentagon's official report. The behavior of bees sprayed with the neurochemical vary drastically from that of unaffected bees.
2. To be different between two or more people, things, or groups. Reception of the proposed legislation varies from person to person, but the overall consensus is that it is the right step for the country. Certain traffic laws on vary widely from one state to another.
3. To change or alter from one state to another. Reactions to the film have varied from mild dislike to intense hatred. The weather in this part of the country can vary from cold rain to warm sunshine in the space of an hour.
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vary up

To alter, change, or adjust some variable factor, aspect, or element of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "vary" and "up." I'd like to start varying up the dinners we make each week—we've been getting stuck in a routine of making the same stuff. You should vary your workout up if you want to really improve your body.
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vary with (something)

1. To differ from or be at odds with something else. Our findings vary with the Pentagon's official report. We need to figure out why your answers vary with those of the textbook.
2. To become different based on or according to some determining factor. A person's reaction to this medication will vary with age. The tone of my writing tends to vary with how happy I am in a given moment.
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vary up

To change the variables associated with something: The cafeteria varied up its menu with a new kind of sandwich. You've worn the same blue sweater all week—why not vary it up and wear something new?
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The price of two cans of mayonnaise (same brand and quality), each weighing 946 grams, varied from Dh12.25 C to Dh17.60.
27 Applebee's Neighborhood Varied Menu 10-15 4,232,190 8.8
The short stories and poems are similarly varied. There are Western stories, romantic tales, and a couple of somewhat dissimilar dialect pieces.
Paul Pies examines how cultural and political differences in the neighboring states of Sweden and Denmark shaped their varied histories of newspaper production.
By watching the strength and bench life values associated with a single sand mix as mix time is varied, the optimum mix time can be determined for any specific style of mixer.
Drifting and ricocheting across the surfaces was an array of numbers that varied in size and color, counting backward and forward and bouncing from edge to edge.
* Provide field experiences in varied cultural areas (N=9)
While perspectives varied among jurisdictions, the groups agreed that community prosecution focuses on targeted areas and involves a long-term, proactive partnership among the prosecutor's office, law enforcement, the community, and public and private organizations in order to solve problems, improve public safety, and enhance the quality of life in the community.
Francis Hospital in Pittsburgh is an example of the growing attention to the hospital as a unique urban institution - one that responds to specific social circumstances as well as reflects the varied social customs of an immigrant community.
Among the criterion group (TRC counselors) in our study, the number of actions taken varied from 4 to 14, with a mean of 9.0 actions (SD = 2.98).
CEOs with a finance/accounting background, or a varied background including some finance/accounting, have more frequent contact with the senior tax person.
Basra, Jun 9, (VOI) - Basra's ports of Umm al-Qasr and Khour al-Zubeir received five ships carrying varied cargos, the public relations and media director at the State Company for Iraqi Ports said on Monday.
The results provided a metabolic signature that varied slightly from rat to rat.
We varied the number of contacts per case-patient from 2 to 20.