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at variance (with)

In disagreement (with someone or something). We're doing the experiment again because our results are at variance. Our fact-checker found that the witness's story was completely at variance with what the reporter had written.
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at variance

Differing, discrepant; also, in a state of conflict. For example, John's and Mary's answers are at variance means that their answers do not agree, or John was at variance with his in-laws means that he strongly disagreed or quarreled with them. [Early 1500s]
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at ˈvariance (with somebody/something)

(formal) disagreeing with or opposing somebody/something: These conclusions are totally at variance with the evidence.
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They also proposed a step function with 5 classes of residual variances for finding the best result.
Also it displays descriptive statistics for each test variable, A test of variance equality, A confidence interval for the difference between the two variables (95 percent or a value you specify).
ABSTRACT: To estimate the variance for rare and cluster population has been the main problem in survey sampling.
The aim of the present study was to estimate variance components, genetic parameters and breeding values for birth weights in Brown Swiss calves.
Portfolio Variance = [WEIGHT SQUARED OF ASSET 1] * [VARIANCE OF ASSET 1] +
Then, after time passes, the actual numbers are determined and the differences or variances between the standards and actual numbers are isolated.
Note that in column 2 of Table 3, seasonality caused the quarterly volume variances that were offset by the end of each year via a netting of this component's underapplied and overapplied fixed manufacturing overhead over the four quarters.
Variances can arise from changes in factors external to the business, which may not have been known or acknowledged by standard-setters at the time of planning.
05, hence, we cannot assume equal variances, and the t value is 5.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has enhanced its variances web page to improve public understanding of the variance approval process and increase access to the agency's decisions on variance requests.
In animal improvement programs, particularly in genetic evaluations, it is frequently assumed that the variances remain constant over generations of selection, however in closed herds, it is expected that selection changes not only the mean of traits but also their additive genetic variance.
Although variance components models have advantages for estimating transitory variances and their trends because of their sophisticated specifications to account for the complexities of income dynamics, they also have their weaknesses.
In the second article, we created a Flexible Budget and started analyzing the company's sales and contribution margin variances.