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at variance (with)

In disagreement (with someone or something). We're doing the experiment again because our results are at variance. Our fact-checker found that the witness's story was completely at variance with what the reporter had written.
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at variance

Differing, discrepant; also, in a state of conflict. For example, John's and Mary's answers are at variance means that their answers do not agree, or John was at variance with his in-laws means that he strongly disagreed or quarreled with them. [Early 1500s]
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at ˈvariance (with somebody/something)

(formal) disagreeing with or opposing somebody/something: These conclusions are totally at variance with the evidence.
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In the query personally signed and stamp-dated August 8, by Abba Kyari, the presidency 'observed significant variances between the budgeted collections and actual collections for the period 2015 to 2018.'
For example, the report said the turnover of the first four months of GHS126.38 million was lower than the flexed budgeted figure of GHS170.52 million, representing 26 percent below budget, and the recorded variance was as a result of a reduction in the volume of products stored in the refinery.
He said the financial years outreach programmes budget variances stood at P675 327 for 2016/2017, P33 504 for 2017/2018 and P51 429 for 2018/2019.
(21) At the KC-BZA's hearing for the variance, the Church explained the history of the sign and the rationale for replacing the old display with the digital display.
What's more, the exercise highlighted a daunting variance in quality too.
Estimation of variance components and genetic parameters for main economic traits play an important role to design effective strategies of animal selection.
As such we might expect that whilst school leadership has become more important during this period, and school leaders utilise these greater freedoms to varying degrees and with varying success, this may lead to greater variance in school performance.
Allan Variance. The calculation of Allan variance is based on the method of cluster analysis.
Deviation Flesch Kincaid 42.17 4.92358 Reading Ease 41.293 5.37219 36.299 5.78664 38.416 3.76877 Flesch Kincaid 11.185 1.25743 Grade level 11.548 1.39224 12.897 1.57076 12.258 .96257 Gunning Fog 13.338 1.31799 Index 13.707 1.35582 14.982 1.64903 14.371 .97897 SMOG 13.34 1.03327 Index 13.64 1.02558 14.69 1.20444 14.21 .76675 Coleman Liau 12.095 .90898 Index 12.229 .85543 12.976 1.07411 12.701 .64153 Automated 10.144 1.63932 Readability 10.635 1.77812 Index 12.348 2.15642 11.518 1.28275 Table--II Independent Samples Test on Profitability and Readability Scores for Public Sector Banks Levene's t-test for Test for Equality Equality of Means of Variances F Sig.
A total of ten models including repeatability and different RRMs with various orders of Legendre Polynomials for additive and permanent environment effects and residual variance structure were fitted.
Assuming the normal homoscedastic (NH) SDT model, and the yes/no experimental paradigms (MacMillan & Creelman, 2005), three main methods have been proposed for calculating the variance of d' (see below for a detailed technical presentation): the exact method of Miller (1996), the approximate method of Gourevitch and Galanter (1967), and the maximum likelihood method of Dorfman and Alf (1968).
Variance in Arabic Manuscripts: Arabic Didactic Poems From the Eleventh to the Seventeenth Centuries: Analysis of Textual Variance and Its Control in the Manuscripts
ABSTRACT: To estimate the variance for rare and cluster population has been the main problem in survey sampling.
The fact that variances are assumed as heterogeneous tends to improve the partition of the total variance between the variances attributed to random effects included in the analysis models.