vanish into

vanish into (something or some place)

1. To pass completely out of sight after moving into some place or thing. The ninja stole the ancient scroll and vanished into the shadows. I tried tracking the tiger, but it vanished into the jungle.
2. To become lost in some place or thing. As the dictatorship tightened its grip on the country, more and more political dissidents began vanishing into their nightmarish detention centers. Somehow over $20 million has vanished into this project, without so much as a functioning prototype to show for it.
3. To pass out of existence or memory. Usually followed by "obscurity," After releasing just one hit album, the band suddenly vanished into obscurity in the late '70s. The digital pets fad took the world by storm in the late 1990s, but it vanished into the sands of time just as quickly.
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vanish into something

to disappear by going into something. All the deer vanished into the forest. Money seems to vanish into a black hole.
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Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC said the story was "frankly absurd", adding: "Dave did not vanish into thin air did he?
Lo, and behold, dozens of those passengers suddenly vanish into thin air, leaving behind their wedding rings and contact lenses.