value for

value (someone or something) for (someone or something else)

To regard someone or something as very valuable because of a particular aspect or quality. He may not be the most tactful person in the world, but I've always valued Tom for his honesty and integrity. I really value these gadgets for the convenience they afford me.
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value someone or something for something

to hold someone or something in esteem for a particular quality. I value him for his skill in negotiation. I value this car for its speed and dependability.
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Dividing the net income of $1 million by the capitalization rate of 14% produces a value for ABC Foundry of about $7.1 million.
Create stretch goals for using technology to generate greater value for stakeholders.
Then, these adjusted sale prices are correlated into an opinion of market value for the historic property.
The formula in cell M5, --PV(B15,J5,, K5*L5), computes the present value of the probability-weighted intrinsic value for the topmost terminal node (H5) in exhibit 1.
And all other public and private companies will use fair value for years beginning after Dec.
The number of deals in the B2B Magazine category increased from 31 in 2003 to 39 last year (+25.8%) while the dollar value for those deals increased from $541 million in 2003 to $1.8 billion in 2004 (+237.7%).
* Stated value--allows owners to "state" a value for a boat that's greater than its depreciated "book" value.
Under each trust's terms, the grantor would receive an annuity equal to 49.35% of the initial value for the first year, and 59.22% for the second year.
The preference for course components was tallied by assigning a +1 value to a check indicating the student "liked" the component, a 0 value for no response and a -1 value if the student "disliked" the component.
Output traits focus on adding value for downstream end users--including industrial purchasers and consumers--through specification and differentiation.
Then the ratio of solution concentration to bead concentration yields the MESF value for the bead.
In other words, a company only adds value for its shareholders when its equity returns exceed its equity cost.
Competitors such as Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster, and Internet providers, have demonstrated not only that they can quickly deliver new services and greater added value for a fee but also that they can attract many former users of the public library.