value at

value something at something

to consider something to be worth a certain amount. The museum curator valued the vase at one million dollars. I value this vase at one million dollars.
See also: value
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Amortization method -- Amortize servicing assets or servicing liabilities in proportion to and over the period of estimated net servicing income or net servicing loss, and assess servicing assets or servicing liabilities for impairment or increased obligation based on fair value at each reporting date.
earnings to present value at a rate that reflects the required return on investment of a prudent investor.
Pioneering for-profit providers, for example, used the concept of a value web to deconstruct sequential processes and enhance value at all stages of relationships and services.
Under this approach, there are two different techniques for converting net operating income into a value indication: 1) direct capitalization, which employs an overall capitalization rate on the net operating income from a stabilized 12-month period and 2) yield capitalization, which employs an internal rate of return on a stream of annual cash flows and a residual capitalization rate on the reversionary property value at the end of the projected investor holding period.
Column K shows the option is "in the money" or has intrinsic value at K5, K6, K7, K9 and K13 of the 16 terminal nodes.
Warrants with no value at the time of issuance will result in no deductible OID.
Today, both the market and research pipeline of plant biotechnology emphasize input traits that create value at the farm gate, reflecting two key factors: 1) weed and insect control in major crops constitute large, predictable, global markets; and 2) the simple value capture of these markets is based on conventional cost displacement economics that are clearly related to the value of today's pesticides and to yield losses.
But we don't see how anyone could rationally expect consumers to embrace the idea of receiving no surrender value at all, at any point in time.
Once a private firm does indeed make enterprise value analysis a regular part of its planning and operating decisions, it can start measuring Value at Risk, or "VaR.
Consolidation at grower, retail and basic manufacturing levels makes it difficult to maintain value at each step of the process," he says.
Discounting back both the income stream and the projected residual value at traditional rates of return leads to implied values above replacement costs.
123, Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation, companies are required to provide new note disclosures about employee stock options based on their fair value at the date of the grant.
The income approach discounts the free cash flows of the business to present value at a discount rate that reflects the total risk of the free cash flows to the investor, and normally assumes that the business will continue in perpetuity.
Consider three capital asset investments, all with the same expected net present value at the time of investment.