value above

value someone or something above someone or something

to hold someone or something to be more important than someone or something. I value her above all things. He values his car above his family!
See also: above, value
References in classic literature ?
All along the road, indeed, there were sparkling gems, which would have been of inestimable value above ground, but which here were reckoned of the meaner sort and hardly worth a beggar's stooping for.
30 percent on home loan and home loan balance transfer for a loan value above Rs.
The House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading a measure simplifying the donor's tax by imposing a unitary rate of 6 percent on all gifts with a net value above P100,000.
78 on Monday, boosting its value above that of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), the world's biggest software company, to $249.
The lower the pH value below seven, the more strongly acidic, the higher the value above seven, the more strongly alkaline it is.
3m households now live in property with an estimated value above the level at which IHT will kick in this year.
If a will passes property into trust for a surviving spouse, in most circumstances IHT will be payable at 40% on the value above the NRB.
And while he has taken some heat for selling BET to Viacom, for Johnson, it was an "easy decision" because he places creating shareholder value above all else.
This suggests that players who have won an event without dropping a set and recorded a GF/GA value above 1.
An antidote is needed to a severely procedural orientation to mathematics focused on "correct answers" that prospective teachers have learned to value above all.
More to the point, doggedly pasting the same stencil over every work of literature tends to obscure precisely what Bloom claims to value above all else in great literature: "strangeness, a mode of originality that either cannot be assimilated, or that so assimilates us that we cease to see it as strange.
Once the sulfur level is above 25 to 30 parts, the polymers Tg increases to a value above room temperature.