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in a vacuum

In total isolation; having no interaction with or connection to other people, places, or actions. Your actions don't occur in a vacuum; they affect everyone else here, too! Being in such a remote, rural town can sometimes feel like living in a vacuum.
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Nature abhors a vacuum.

Prov. If there is a gap, something will fill it. Jill: As soon as the beggar who used to work that corner left, another one showed up. Jane: Nature abhors a vacuum.
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vacuum something out

to clean an enclosed area out with a vacuum cleaner. Please vacuum this car out now! Can you vacuum out the car?
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vacuum something up (from something)

to clean something up from something with a vacuum cleaner. Fred vacuumed the dirt up from the carpet. He vacuumed up the birdseed from the kitchen floor.
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in a vacuum

COMMON If something exists or happens in a vacuum, it seems to exist or happen separately from the things that you would expect it to be connected with. Property values do not exist in a vacuum. The market value of a house can fall if the biggest employer in town closes or a noisy club opens next door. Such decisions do not occur in a political vacuum, but have serious political implications both at home and abroad.
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do something in a ˈvacuum

do something alone or separately from other people, events, etc., especially when there should be a connection: No novel is written in a vacuum. There are always influences from past writers.
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Maximum Vacuum (measured in inches of mercury) is the maximum safe pulling capacity of the pump.
Establish a regular vacuum checking program to locate and seal leaks in the system.
1) Possible to measure a wide range (atmospheric pressure to high vacuum range; 5 x 10-8Pa)
A broader class of demanding parts now can be cast successfully via vacuum diecasting.
Industrial vacuum cleaners have maximum suction power to maintain and clean critical production equipment to reduce downtime.
To advance the analysis of these recovery options, we propose and evaluate a very simple HEPA/vaccine plan, where HEPA air cleaners continuously clean the indoor air and Hazmat workers use HEPA vacuums to clean the floors, walls, ceilings, and room contents on a twice-a-day basis; HEPA filters are 99.
That means vacuum energy could push galaxies apart at ever-increasing speeds, making it an ideal candidate for being the dark energy.
In our "epidural era," however, it may also be tempting to use the vacuum extractor when a patient has been pushing for 3 or 4 hours.
A shop vac is recommended for garden vacuuming ``so you don't get electrocuted if you vacuum up water.
That's just one of the many vacuum tidbits visitors can learn at the Smithsonian Institution's latest exhibit "History in a Vacuum," which was unveiled during "Fall Cleaning Day" at the Museum of American History here.
a long-established vacuum pump manufacturer based in Valmadrera, Italy.
Built with the most intricate robotic algorithms, the Scout RX11 is the most sophisticated robotic vacuum on the market, which is why Above & Beyond Sewing and Vacuum is encouraging customers to come in to one of their two locations and see it for themselves.