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vacillate between (one person or thing) and (another)

1. To be unable to make a decision or commitment between two different people or things. Which color should we paint the living room? I keep vacillating between sea green and eggshell blue. The play focuses on the countess vacillating between her youthful lover and her rich, powerful husband.
2. To change or fluctuate between two different states or conditions. In this country, the weather can vacillate between rain and sunshine in a matter of minutes. Our teacher vacillates between being way too strict and way too laid back on a daily basis.
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vacillate between (someone and someone else) (or something and something else)

to waver between a choice of people or a choice of things. He kept vacillating between Fred and Alice. Wayne vacillated between chocolate and vanilla.
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Stage II counselors-in-training vacillate from high to low motivation because of the theory-to-practice chasm.
Kerry, however, did vacillate when he said, "I think the term 'marriage' gets in the way."
He showed a tendency to vacillate which led to a series of blunders - notably the failure to stop the Allied retreat.
Pre- and post-tests revealed that students vacillate between dualistic and multiplistic thinking, moving from strongly held beliefs about what is right and wrong to basing their decision-making processes on authorities or intuitive feelings about the goodness-of-fit for any expressed position.
The act of intentionally relinquishing or abandoning a known right, claim or privilege; also the legal instrument evidencing such an act." (And see verb waive -- Ed.) Waver can cross-dress -- "to vacillate irresolutely between choices: fluctuate in opinion, allegiance, or direction...reel, totter...." Here, the call is clearly for waver.
Shedlarz: You'll note until we got out there and went through the extensive effort of explaining the deal to the institutional shareholders, the stock did vacillate. Once we explained the near- and longer-term benefits of the combination, the stock stabilized and continued to rise.
That estimate is entirely consistent with the numbers in the last presidential election.) On the other hand, the same pollster points out that the middle third is beginning to vacillate, and that while pro-Chavez sentiment in the population as a whole has dropped in recent months by 25 percent, pro-opposition sentiment has increased by 16 percent.
policies ''vacillate from one issue to another,'' shifting from human rights to trade disputes and ''political grandstanding.''
For them, the problem appears when liberal Jewish denominations vacillate back and forth with respect to their willingness to meet feminist challenges.
With no state income tax, Florida relies largely on lottery proceeds to pay for public education -- an uncertain source of money that can vacillate wildly.
As a society we seem to vacillate between the so-called liberal stance of "I'm okay, you're okay" to the ultraconservatism of "Nobody's okay except people like me." So between those two extremes there must be a place people can stand.
Early in the APA process, the IRS seemed to vacillate between targeting actual results for a particular entity and targeting the methodology to be used.
Economists seems to vacillate from week to week on whether or not we are pulling out of the recession.
Corduroy makes Leah feel visible and alive as Kristy and Corrine vacillate between ditching her and treating her like their best friend.
Moreover, the study also points out that water consumption will vacillate between 64 and 104 l on a daily basis per one refugee, which will increase water demand between 8 and 12% on the national level.