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vaccinate (someone or an animal) against something

to inoculate or immunize someone or an animal against some disease. They had to vaccinate us against yellow fever. The vet vaccinated the horse against everything that threatened it.
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vaccinate (someone or an animal) with something

to inoculate or immunize someone or an animal with some substance. This time the doctor vaccinated Tom with killed virus. The vet vaccinated the cat with something that would prevent rabies.
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vaccinate against

or vaccinate for
To give someone a vaccination to produce immunity to some infectious disease: The doctor vaccinated the child against measles. The dog has been vaccinated for rabies.
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vaccinated with a Victrola needle

Someone who chatters incessantly. Victrola, a division of R.C.A. Victor, was a brand of phonograph players. Since phono records were played with needles that picked up the sound vibrations in the record's grooves, to be vaccinated with a Victrola needle, as the joke implied, was to be inoculated with the gift of nonstop gab.
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A majority of the respondents cited unavailability of vaccinators in their area as a major reason for incomplete vaccination status of their children.
In the Pakistani district of Kohat, south of Peshawar, female vaccinators have been credited with helping to lower the number of unvaccinated children from 30,000 to 22,000, and to reduce the number of vaccine refusals from around 4,000 to 400.
Results: Data showed that 35(71%) vaccinators were males and of the total, 38(78%) vaccinators were less than 30 years of age, 45(92%) were trained dispensers but also trained for vaccinations and 4(8%) staff nurses.
Around 1600 android mobile phone were handed over to 1400 health vaccinators including supervisors to monitor the routine immunization in the province.
A practice nurse, midwife, and outreach/home vaccinator, Betty was also involved in the Tai Tokerau regional council.
The vaccinators were died in Shakar Shila area of Sangin district today's afternoon, a provincial public health official, Dr Ubaidullah Daudzai, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Therefore, we interviewed community vaccinators about their 2009 experience with workplace vaccination against seasonal influenza virus and pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus, their business practices, barriers encountered, and delivery of other adult vaccines.
For the past decade, it has been theorized that genetic engineering of the mosquito could create a 'flying vaccinator,' raising hopes for their use as a new strategy for malaria control.
Both public and private providers administering the vaccine need designation as a 2009 H1N1 vaccinator by the public health authority in the jurisdiction where they practice.
Some of The Energy Kitchen's other Specialty Drinks include Protein Power Punch, Lean Body Creamsicle, Energizer, Vaccinator, Meso-Man and Cocoa Coffee Delight.
Her father Wasim had complained that as soon as a vaccinator administered anti-polio vaccine to his 13 days old daughter Sana, her condition deteriorated and she died when she was being shifted to DHQ Hospital.
Wasim Akhtar of Lassorianwala village near Sindhillianwali had complained when a vaccinator administered the vaccine to his 13 days old daughter Sana, her condition started deteriorating.
It was also agreed that volunteers serving vaccinators will necessarily be made to serve in their respective areas of residence as an essential provision to address any possible inhibition of area people about the vaccine itself and, or the vaccinator.
Tenders are invited for Printing & supply of - Stock and Distribution Register, Vaccinator Diary and Temp Loggers Diary at 7 UNDP state offices