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vaccinate (someone or an animal) against something

to inoculate or immunize someone or an animal against some disease. They had to vaccinate us against yellow fever. The vet vaccinated the horse against everything that threatened it.
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vaccinate (someone or an animal) with something

to inoculate or immunize someone or an animal with some substance. This time the doctor vaccinated Tom with killed virus. The vet vaccinated the cat with something that would prevent rabies.
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vaccinate against

or vaccinate for
To give someone a vaccination to produce immunity to some infectious disease: The doctor vaccinated the child against measles. The dog has been vaccinated for rabies.
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vaccinated with a Victrola needle

Someone who chatters incessantly. Victrola, a division of R.C.A. Victor, was a brand of phonograph players. Since phono records were played with needles that picked up the sound vibrations in the record's grooves, to be vaccinated with a Victrola needle, as the joke implied, was to be inoculated with the gift of nonstop gab.
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Governor's spokesman, Umar Zwak, confirmed the casualties suffered by three vaccinators in the province.
Other vaccines offered by these workplace vaccinators included the following: tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (10 vaccinators), pneumococcal (10), hepatitis A and B (7), and herpes zoster (4).
The Minister said that we are proud of our vaccinators as they are the change catalyst of our society and they are not only providing immunization services but also educating the community about the importance of the Immunization Services in the country.
BoP DHB vaccinator Colleen Waugh puts the increase in the number of nurses getting vaccinated to extensive advertising, both the national campaign and within the DHB.
MANSEHRA -- Two polio vaccinators both of them female and a policeman were shot in broad daylight in Mansehra on Tuesday.
A Pakistani military operation launched in June in the North Waziristan tribal area also allowed vaccinators to finally access children there after hundreds of thousands of people fled the region and settled elsewhere in Pakistan.
He claimed that around 25 EPI employees and more than 100 vaccinators have not received salaries and wages which caused postponement of anti-polio vaccinator in war torn area of Bara Khyber Agency.
Polio vaccinator Zahid Gul was killed instantly and two others sustained severe injuries.
Speaking to the officials concerned, Shahzad Fazal along with World Health Organisation official Dr Agha Samiullah appealed to people to extend cooperation to the vaccinators and other members of the teams who would visit each and every house to administer polio drops to children under the age of five.
He said that 200 monitoring assistants had been deputed for collecting data about health facilities in the province, moreover, smart phones had been provided to 4000 vaccinators for providing monitoring report of their performance.
He added, Due to certain issues like poor monitoring and feedback, shortage of female service providers like LHWs, CMWs and vaccinators, the results are not upto mark and there is a dire need to improve governance and operational matters.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Automatic Vaccinators
Film about polio vaccinators in Pakistan who pursue their mission in face of cynicism screened at launch of World Immunisation Week.
Every Last Child, directed by award-winning filmmaker Tom Roberts, follows the harrowing stories of five people -- including vaccinators, parents and health care workers -- who are caught up in the current polio crisis in Pakistan.