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on vacation

away, taking time off work; on holiday. Where are you going on vacation this year? I'll be away on vacation for three weeks.
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take a vacation

to go somewhere for a vacation; to stop work to have a vacation. Sue took a vacation at the Grand Canyon last year. I need to take a vacation and relax.
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n. a prison sentence. (Underworld.) It was a three-year vacation, with time off for good behavior.
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While we have determined the value of our people asset, namely the CRNAs, how can we use this information to make a decision about the added vacation time?
When personal use is fewer than 15 days (or 10% of the total rental period), the vacation home will qualify primarily as a rental, permitting associated loss deductions.
Every December, we go away on a Christmas vacation, an event that is growing in tradition.
CAS 408 is used to "measure (the) costs of vacation, sick leave, holiday, and other compensated personal absence.
Nevertheless, vacation pay that employees receive later than 2 1/2 months after the end of the tax year is not deductible in the year of accrual; it is treated as deferred compensation and, under Sec.
With more than 250 destinations and a wide variety of specialty programs covering such niche activities as skiing and scuba diving, Continental Airlines Vacations offers one of the most dynamic vacation package programs in the travel industry.
The Delta Vacations "Companion Flies Free" promotion is valid on new bookings for air-inclusive travel to select destinations and resorts within the Delta Vacations Europe and Costa Rica product lines.
uk, the leading vacation rental site in the United Kingdom and the 16 employees of FeWo-direkt.
Rudner added, "We are also pleased that Ray and Cecile Schutter, owners and operators of West University Travel, will stay on at Online Vacation Center and manage our combined Houston operation.
With the rising cost of airfare, attraction tickets and gas prices on the minds of many spring travelers, luxurious accommodations while traveling to popular Central Florida can seem out of reach, but families can expand their options without stretching their budget when they consider a vacation home rental.
Understanding Vacation Ownership," available free of charge at www.
More than 43 percent of Americans don't even have plans to take a vacation this year because the country's work ethic demands productivity to the point that it's actually undermining itself," said Roger Poulton, Vice President - The Americas, Air New Zealand.
Vacation Rental Leader Announces Acquisition of VRBO.
Construction of Hawaii's newest vacation ownership resort has been officially launched in Waikoloa, Hawaii.