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usher in

1. To accompany someone into a place or event. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "usher" and "in." Which of the groomsmen is going to usher me in?
2. To introduce something. The Industrial Revolution ushered in a period of great technological advancements.
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usher out

1. To accompany someone out (of some place or event). In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "usher" and "in." I don't know why they thought they needed to have security usher me out—I made it perfectly clear I would leave peacefully. Martin, please quickly and quietly usher out the guests, but try not to make a stir while you do.
2. To mark the end, departure, or replacement of some person or thing. The new government seems eager to usher out the policies of its predecessors. Though a great deal of incidents and influences contributed, it was Gorbachev's resignation as general secretary that truly ushered out the Soviet Union.
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usher someone or something into some place

 and usher someone or something in
to escort or lead a person, a group, or something into a place. The guard ushered the group into the palace. They ushered in the visitors.
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usher someone or something out of some place

 and usher someone or something out
to escort or lead someone or a group out of a place. We ushered them from the room. The woman ushered out the guest.
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usher someone to something

to escort or lead someone to something, such as a seat, the door, etc. The well-dressed gentleman ushered the bride to the altar. Her father ushered her to the altar.
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welcome someone into something

 and welcome someone in
to greet one as one is ushered into something or some place. The Franklins welcomed us into their home. Please welcome in our new members.
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usher in

1. To lead, escort, or conduct someone or something in: The butler ushered in the guests. I ushered the bride's mother in.
2. To precede and introduce something; inaugurate something: The armistice ushered in a new era of peace. We ushered in the new year with a celebration.
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usher out

1. To lead, escort, or conduct someone or something out: Bodyguards ushered the politician out of the room. The police ushered out the protesters from the ballpark. The protesters were ushered out of the meeting room.
2. To follow or supersede someone or something: The ability to record sound on film ushered out the era of silent movies. The partygoers ushered the old year out with a champagne toast.
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And if you choose not to trouble the ushers for a late-night snack, you do get to rummage in the private fridge of the leader of the free world.
The main character of the story, Roderick Usher, attempts to transcend mortality in an idealized realm given over to the creation and enjoyment of art; yet death reappears in the form of Usher's prematurely buried "twin" sister, whose advent catalyzes the collapse of the Usher mansion and line.
As the house sinks into the tarn in the story's conclusion, it becomes clear not only that Roderick was a prophet, but also what his obscure words foretold: a resurrection (Madeline's) that ushers in an apocalypse.
Hanover's dedicated volunteer ushers have gone above and beyond and learned a cheerful new ditty called "Hanover Tonight.
It's the lavabo, the washing of the priest's hands at the preparation of the gifts, and Tony, one of our ushers, has fired up his usual post-collection cigarette out by the back door.
Court ushers play an important role in ensuring the day-to-day formalities of court life run smoothly.
Volunteer openings include box office staff, ushers, concession sales staff and stage crew for the chorale's 2001-02 season concerts, which will take place Dec.
Is the relation of these pigeons to the ushers anything like that of the Loughton Ram - the literal ram who stands sheepishly in the road in Cremaster 4 - to the Loughton Candidate, with his embryonic horns?
The twins Madeline and Roderick are the last of the Ushers and symbolic of two warring facets of the human character: sensuality and intellect.
While much attention has lately been focused on the increasing role of the laity in the church--from parish councils to extraordiry ministers of the Eucharist--allow me to put in a word for one of the most neglected of ministries: the ushers.
they had no indication that the Lakers and almost 18,000 of their fans were on the premises earlier that afternoon, except maybe for the tired looks on the faces of the ushers, most of whom had to work both games on Easter with no overtime.
It took 24 ushers spread out over two shifts for the worshippers who flocked to six services, including two in the parish hall.
If lateness in large numbers is chronic, it can be an opportunity for a parish to look at everything from its liturgies to its Mass schedules, its greeters and ushers, even its inadequate rest rooms -- its entire attitude.
Before he lost his battle with lung cancer last January, Waring had won the hearts of theater patrons and colleagues as one of the most dedicated theater ushers the city would know.