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make (oneself) useful

To do something that is actively helpful or of assistance to others. You know, instead of just sitting there watching TV, you could make yourself useful and take out the garbage. Towards the end of the party, I decided to make myself useful and wash the dishes.
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come in useful

To be especially helpful, often in a particular setting or situation. It was a lot colder out than I thought it would be, so your jacket really came in useful! That flashlight comes in useful when I'm trying to find something in my car at night.
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come in useful

to be useful. Your report has come in useful a number of times.
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ˌcome in ˈhandy/ˈuseful

(informal) be useful when needed: The money my aunt gave me will come in handy to pay for my music lessons.
See also: come, handy, useful

make yourself ˈuseful

help other people: Come on, Hannah. Make yourself useful and peel those potatoes for me.
See also: make, useful
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It is now hoped in the near future to broaden "The Gazette's" usefulness by securing a wider distribution abroad and setting up co-operation with a number of English-language newspapers in other parts of the world.
TAM defines relationships among perceived usefulness (U), perceived ease of use (EOU), behavioral intention (BI), and behavior (B).
Usefulness rating: Two out of five, some people do have a good excuse for not managing a manual one.
This also will help extend KLIATT's usefulness in public libraries.
It consisted of evaluation of instructional activities by the teacher and students, self-evaluation of learning activities, students' interests in the content of the lectures, usefulness of the activities for learning, learning self-efficacy for a subsequent course (post course), and free descriptions about the course.
Government programs have a tendency to outlive their usefulness, to continue long after their original purpose has been accomplished.
There is an increased expectation about the usefulness of electronic learning (e-learning) to complement or substitute traditional face-to-face learning.
Reactions were examined with respect to perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness, whereas learning performance was examined in terms of near-transfer and far-transfer learning.
The very first chapter describes the potential and usefulness of the generalist model for social work among the HIV infected.
technology is considered a function of perceived usefulness and attitude
In fact, it's important to note that Dershowitz's theory addresses only the origin of rights and has limited usefulness in determining the appropriate extent of rights in any given community at any given time.
Without a records management program guiding the organization and disposition of active and semi-active records, an archives program will not receive a comprehensive, reliable, and authentic body of records, but rather a miscellaneous collection of varying value and usefulness, transferred on an ad hoc basis according to individual interests, priorities, and workloads.
The AICPA's Private Company to improve the usefulness of private company reporting.
However, law enforcement investigators who have a commitment to the public they serve recognize the polygraph's usefulness as a tool for obtaining information not previously known in criminal investigations.
The revised standards, effective for reviews commencing on or after January 1, 2005, will enhance the quality of peer reviews and increase the usefulness of peer review reports to the public and regulators as well as to reviewed firms.