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make (oneself) useful

To do something that is actively helpful or of assistance to others. You know, instead of just sitting there watching TV, you could make yourself useful and take out the garbage. Towards the end of the party, I decided to make myself useful and wash the dishes.
See also: make, useful

come in useful

To be especially helpful, often in a particular setting or situation. It was a lot colder out than I thought it would be, so your jacket really came in useful! That flashlight comes in useful when I'm trying to find something in my car at night.
See also: come, useful

come in useful

to be useful. Your report has come in useful a number of times.
See also: come, useful

ˌcome in ˈhandy/ˈuseful

(informal) be useful when needed: The money my aunt gave me will come in handy to pay for my music lessons.
See also: come, handy, useful

make yourself ˈuseful

help other people: Come on, Hannah. Make yourself useful and peel those potatoes for me.
See also: make, useful
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Hypothesis 2: Firm-generated information will have a positive effect on the perceived usefulness of a food delivery app.
Consequently, these factors give rise to the motive to fill the research gap based on the concept of green perceived value to green perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use based on the technology acceptance model (TAM) (Davis 1989).
According to the technology acceptance model defined by Davis, perceived usefulness is affected by perceived ease of use, and most studies based on the TAM have demonstrated that ease of use directly affects usefulness.
Hypothesis 1: Perceived usefulness has significant positive influence on information exchange.
Results: The perception of 97 students and 15 lecturers indicated usefulness of IL in better understanding of subject content.
Therefore, a comparative review of these two new social software tools is important with respect to perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, intention, self-efficacy, and anxiety.
It is now hoped in the near future to broaden "The Gazette's" usefulness by securing a wider distribution abroad and setting up co-operation with a number of English-language newspapers in other parts of the world.
Anthem wound up in second place for usefulness and ease of use, while Medicare ended up second for enjoyability.
In addition, large scale clinical testing confirms the usefulness of this measurement tool.
The study measures the usefulness of automotive manufacturer websites during the new-vehicle shopping process.
While both practitioners and academicians rate decision usefulness higher than transaction-processing, the ratings given transaction-processing, i.
He is ready, willing and able to transform your life from waste to joyful usefulness and blessing.
GAO identified little quantitative data measuring the usefulness of various types of bilingual voting assistance.
Among the different theoretical models, the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is chosen for this study as it helps to further the understanding of technology acceptance and usage behavior, users' perceptions of the system's usefulness and ease of use, as well as their associations with entrepreneurial traits.