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(as) useful as a chocolate teapot

Utterly useless (because pouring boiling water into a chocolate teapot would melt it). That umbrella is stuck inside out, so it's about as useful as a chocolate teapot right now.
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(as) useful as tits on a bull

vulgar slang Utterly ineffectual, worthless, or unnecessary. Primarily heard in Australia. Hey, thanks for the broken wrench—it's as useful as tits on a bull. I know next to nothing about computers, so I'd be useful as tits on a bull trying to figure out what's wrong with your laptop.
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come in useful

To be especially helpful, often in a particular setting or situation. It was a lot colder out than I thought it would be, so your jacket really came in useful! That flashlight comes in useful when I'm trying to find something in my car at night.
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make (oneself) useful

To do something that is actively helpful or of assistance to others. You know, instead of just sitting there watching TV, you could make yourself useful and take out the garbage. Towards the end of the party, I decided to make myself useful and wash the dishes.
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come in useful

to be useful. Your report has come in useful a number of times.
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ˌcome in ˈhandy/ˈuseful

(informal) be useful when needed: The money my aunt gave me will come in handy to pay for my music lessons.
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make yourself ˈuseful

help other people: Come on, Hannah. Make yourself useful and peel those potatoes for me.
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. Stomach-related diseases: Intake of five gram of Durva Panchang and water is very useful to control vomiting.
Majority of populace consider branchless banking a useful mean for paying monthly utility bills for electricity, gas, sewerage and Internet, a latest survey has revealed.
Useful is a mobile-first app for small to medium sized businesses that need to better track the jobs being performed by their workers in the field.
"Besides the essential baby products such as pushchairs, child car seats, cots and Moses baskets, we rounded up the 10 most useful baby products rated by the parents it quizzed."
He added that he believed finance could play a socially useful and an economically useful function.
The construction of the index is a useful lesson for other researchers in its methodology.
Specialized business publications rank second, with 67% calling them very useful, a two-point drop from 2004.
This, says Mastercard, is especially true in Saudi Arabia, where 87 per cent of respondents would find a prepaid remittance card useful and 85 per cent would find a pre-paid travel card useful.
MANUFACTURERS have voted the Engineering Employers Federation their most useful agency or organisation for the sixth year running in the Annual Manufacturing Report, published by The Manufacturer magazine.
By introducing these genes into mammalian cells new cell lines with novel and useful properties can be prepared more efficiently than by relying on the natural rate of mutation or introduction of mutations by chemical mutagens.
Scottish scientists have genetically engineered hens that can not only produce useful drugs in their eggs but also reliably pass on this characteristic to new generations of chickens.
Leading People Through Disasters is indeed, as the subtitle states, an action guide" for all communicators, but it's especially useful for human resource professionals and those who are relatively inexperienced in crisis communication.
Foreign National Tax Guide ( is useful for advising foreign nationals on U.S.
The proposed regulations expand the standards in the current regulations, and provide guidance on the economic useful life of a unit of property and activities that prolong that useful life.