use with

use something with something

to use something in a particular manner. Use this tool with a lot of skill and caution. Use this one with great care.
See also: use
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Resoflex R-296, R-460, R-766, R-804 and R-446 resinous plasticizers for use with film-forming resins that are generally compatible with other plasticizers.
With this type of design data, NC machining cutting paths can be developed for use with computer-aided manufacturing of foundry tooling.
The FLEXgate product, designed for use with Netscape Communicator(tm), combines PC resident software with a Java Card application that manages X.
Flasks for use with vertical axis tables are generally cylindrical.
They have been specifically formulated for use with different binders.
Valu-Fil resin filler for use with unsaturated polyester spray-up applications is a high-purity, soft-white dihydrate form of calcium sulfate designed for low-cost fire retardancy and smoke suppression in filled, room-temperature, cure resin systems.
Offers its Metablen C series of MBS impact modifiers for use with rigid PVC products.