use with

use something with something

to use something in a particular manner. Use this tool with a lot of skill and caution. Use this one with great care.
See also: use
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Resoflex R-296, R-460, R-766, R-804 and R-446 resinous plasticizers for use with film-forming resins that are generally compatible with other plasticizers.
With this type of design data, NC machining cutting paths can be developed for use with computer-aided manufacturing of foundry tooling.
Initially designed for use with ABBYY FormReader and FineReader Engine SDK, FlexiCapture Studio is a tool that allows users to create solutions based on ABBYY recognition technology to successfully capture data from various semi-structured and unstructured forms, including such varied documents as invoices, health claim forms, resumes, loan documents and the like, without regard to scan resolution or data location.
Categories of marijuana use were use that began in the early teen years (3%), use with sharply increasing frequency after age 15 (5%), use begun in the late teen years (19%) and nonuse (74%).
Flasks for use with vertical axis tables are generally cylindrical.
They have been specifically formulated for use with different binders.
Offers its Metablen C series of MBS impact modifiers for use with rigid PVC products.