use as

use someone or something as something

to make someone or something function as something. (See also use someone or something as an excuse.) You have used me as your tool! I don't like your using my car as your private taxi.
See also: use
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Computer-controlled laser machine builds solid models for use as production patterns for sand, investment, plaster castings.
Two use a LOM model to develop a mold from metal-filled epoxy or RTV silicone rubber, the third uses a LOM mold.
* fabricate a LOM mold or use a LOM model to develop an RTV silicone- or aluminum-framed, metal-filled epoxy mold;
There is no tax on ODCs that are recovered in the United States as part of a recycling process (and not part of the original manufacturing process), nor is the tax imposed on ODCs used or sold for use as a feedstock.
[section] 52.4682-1T(d)(3) as any rigid foam designed for use as thermal insulation.
Supplies walnut-shell flours for use as low-density filler in phenolics and cast polyesters.
A complete line of atomized and flake aluminum powders, both regular and dedusted, are available for use as fillers in a wide range of plastic products.
Proper selection of polymer, filler, plasticizer, curatives and other additives such as tackifiers, as described in this article, can result in roll compounds that work as well during use as they did in the manufacturing plant.
To use as much of the foundry sand as possible, replacement levels of 25% and 35% were selected.
Manufactures a line of liquid 1,2-polybutadienes and 1,2-polybutadiene-styrene copolymers for use as low-temperature impact modifiers in polyolefins, styrenics and TPE.
The functionality also lends itself to use as a modifier and compatibilizer for engineering thermoplastics.
Only after passing original and heat aging tests is the incoming scrap accepted for use as a raw material.