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urge (one) along

To prompt, compel, or encourage one to continue moving or progressing The police urged bystanders along to make room for emergency services. I find I have terrible motivation if left to work by myself—I really need someone else there to urge me along.
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urge (one) forward

To prompt, compel, or encourage one to move forward or decide to do something. I was hesitant to testify, but my wife urged me forward. Every time we paused to rest, the officers urged us forward.
See also: forward, urge

urge (one) to (do something)

To prompt, compel, encourage, or plead with one to take some action. I was hesitant at first, but my wife urged me to testify. I urged her to write these stories down, as I was sure they'd make a great book.
See also: urge

urge on

1. To prompt, compel, encourage, or plead with one to take some action. I was hesitant to testify, but my wife urged me on. We stood at the end of the race to cheer and urge the athletes on for their final stretch. Every time we paused to rest, the officers urged us on.
2. To prompt, compel, or encourage one to take or use something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "urge" and "on." I wish they would quit urging these newfangled operating systems on us. I hated having to urge unnecessary plans and upgrades on customers when I worked in retail.
See also: on, urge

urge to purge

1. A need or impulse to vomit. After I stepped off the crazy roller coaster, I was overcome by an urge to purge. I've left a bucket by your bed in case you get the urge to purge.
2. A need or desire to discard or dispose of a large amount of one's possessions. I hate clutter, and after the influx of stuff we accumulate during the holidays I always get the urge to purge.
See also: purge, urge

urge someone along

to encourage someone to continue or go faster. We urged them along with much encouragement. They won't do well, but we urged them along anyway.
See also: urge

urge someone forward

to encourage someone to move forward. The generals urged the troops forward. Sally urged Timmy forward into the classroom.
See also: forward, urge

urge someone to do something

to try to get someone to do something. I urge you to give skiing a try. Ken urged Lily to finish her dinner.
See also: urge

urge something (up)on someone

to try to get someone to take something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Arnold urged the new policy on the employees. He urged restraint upon them.
See also: on, urge

urge on

To move or impel someone or something to action, effort, or speed: The orator urged on the excited crowd to applaud even more loudly. The travelers were tired of walking, but the thought of a hot meal and warm bed urged them on.
See also: on, urge

the urge to purge

n. the need to throw up. Pete felt the urge to purge and ran for the john.
See also: purge, urge
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