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urge someone along

to encourage someone to continue or go faster. We urged them along with much encouragement. They won't do well, but we urged them along anyway.
See also: urge

urge someone forward

to encourage someone to move forward. The generals urged the troops forward. Sally urged Timmy forward into the classroom.
See also: forward, urge

urge someone to do something

to try to get someone to do something. I urge you to give skiing a try. Ken urged Lily to finish her dinner.
See also: urge

urge something (up)on someone

to try to get someone to take something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Arnold urged the new policy on the employees. He urged restraint upon them.
See also: on, urge

urge on

To move or impel someone or something to action, effort, or speed: The orator urged on the excited crowd to applaud even more loudly. The travelers were tired of walking, but the thought of a hot meal and warm bed urged them on.
See also: on, urge

the urge to purge

n. the need to throw up. Pete felt the urge to purge and ran for the john.
See also: purge, urge
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Throughout her year in service, HMS Urge continued to receive parcels of food and luxuries from the people of Bridgend, and had she not been sunk, the crew was looking forward to a parade through the town at the end of their tour of duty.
This latest impressive research, which includes sonar readings and photographs of the submarine, is just a slice of the information available at the Local and Family History Centre and I would urge residents and visitors to pay a visit.
We like to think of Urge as a peer-to-peer activities marketplace where students can connect around interests, coordinate, and ultimately share an in-person experience," said Kyle Banuelos, who led the development of the Urge app.
Urge Incontinence: people with UI cannot control the sudden urge to urinate and their bladders will contract to squeeze out urine whenever full.
The odds ratio for OAB without urge incontinence increased slightly, from 1.
HCFA also said that pelvic floor stimulators inserted into the vaginal canal or the rectum would be covered as reasonable and necessary for the treatment of stress and urge urinary incontinence.
Urge to drink (also called "desire to drink," "need to drink," "want to drink," and "missing drinking" in the treatment and research literature) is generally conceptualized as an emotional state that is characterized by the motivation to seek and use alcohol (Baker er al.
Urge your Senators and Representative to save presidential public financing by supporting this bipartisan presidential public financing legislation.
Under his proposal, the city would place reflective stickers on all Dumpsters similar to one used in county areas that urges people, ``Don't Throw Your Baby Away.
Urge incontinence, according to Brown's team, accounted for some of that risk.
The 12-member group, appointed by NASA in August after the discovery of the flawed Hubble telescope mirror and the hydrogen leaks that grounded the shuttle fleet throughout the summer, urges a shifting of NASA priorities to place primary emphasis on science.
Urges Stockholders to Vote the WHITE Proxy Card to Elect Ramius Nominees Mutch and Moyer in Upcoming Board Election
URGE Sponsors One-Night-Only DJ Set Featuring Planet E Founder Carl Craig At Renowned Studio B in Brooklyn
Hence, we urge the new Government to include these proposals in its first budget message.