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Fig. in a financial state such that one owes more money on a car, truck, house, etc., than its resale value. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) When I tried to trade in the car, I found that I was upside-down and couldn't close the deal without more money. I took a loan period that was too long and was upside-down in two years.
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Pictures of the upside-down arch posted on social media has garnered mixed reactions from users.
Now Cliffe and her colleagues are looking at the sloths' upside-down circulatory systems.
A total of 100 invertible 4x3's were found, of which 41 are invertibly dense, revealing 14 different words when viewed normally and upside-down.
SPLASH: The two seater Robin 2160 light aircraft upside-down in the River Derwent
When the photo circulated in Iran last week, some commentators criticized Najjar for sitting beside the upside-down flag without saying anything.
Previous observations of upside-down gliding have indicated that mucus is also secreted from the foot during this motion.
A fire service spokesman said: "The woman was left suspended upside-down by her seat belt and we released her virtually unscathed through the back door of the vehicle.
Laufer explains, "There are many days when I am too exhausted to do anything physical, so hanging upside-down is the only thing I can do because it takes no effort, just an inversion sling attached to either a yoga wall or two eyebolts in a ceiling rafter.
The epiphany for today happens when we find ourselves living prematurely upside-down.
FAIRGROUND thrillseekers were left hanging upside-down for over an hour last night after a rollercoaster ride got stuck in mid-air.
The process is known as a short sale and specially-trained short sale real estate brokers and agents are now in high demand by not only upside-down homeowners, but also lenders who will save tens of thousands of dollars or more by avoiding the high cost of completing a foreclosure process.
Painting the floor white and the ceiling gray, the artist "flipped" the gallery upside-down, extending the gesture so far as to install inverted potted plants.
After being trapped in the canal upside-down for 15 minutes, she was rushed to a local hospital.