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the upshot (of something)

The final or resulting outcome, conclusion, or consequence (of something). The upshot of this merger is that the company will now control nearly 50% of the world's television networks. I was forced to move back home with my parents after I lost my job, the upshot being that we finally had to confront the issues that had driven a wedge between us for so many years.
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upshot of something

Fig. the result or outcome of something. The upshot of my criticism was a change in policy. The upshot of the argument was an agreement to hire a new secretary.
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the upshot (of something)

n. the result of something; the outcome of something. The upshot of it all was that we don’t get the new coffeepot.
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the upshot

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References in classic literature ?
The upshot of them was a decision to com-bine our search for Dian with an attempt to rebuild the crumbled federation.
"But the upshot of it all - of my thinking and reading and loving - is that I am going to move to Grub Street.
Since the tragic upshot of our visit to Devonshire he had been engaged in two affairs of the utmost importance, in the first of which he had exposed the atrocious conduct of Colonel Upwood in connection with the famous card scandal of the Nonpareil Club, while in the second he had defended the unfortunate Mme.
Salehi advised the regional countries to exercise prudence over the crisis in Syria and warned against the 'catastrophic' upshots of a 'wrong' decision on Syria.
The decision has been made on the aim of curbing the negative upshots of oil price hike over global economy and the rise of raw materials prices consequently.
The film grows less interesting when it seeks to justify Newcombe's erratic behavior and commercial failure as upshots of his genius and infers that Taylor's success is a result of his relative inconsequence as an artist.