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the upshot (of something)

The final or resulting outcome, conclusion, or consequence (of something). The upshot of this merger is that the company will now control nearly 50% of the world's television networks. I was forced to move back home with my parents after I lost my job, the upshot being that we finally had to confront the issues that had driven a wedge between us for so many years.
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upshot of something

Fig. the result or outcome of something. The upshot of my criticism was a change in policy. The upshot of the argument was an agreement to hire a new secretary.
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the upshot (of something)

n. the result of something; the outcome of something. The upshot of it all was that we don’t get the new coffeepot.
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the upshot

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After tasting each of these unique wines, guests can purchase and enjoy their favorite blend by the glass: $35 for a glass of the Symmetry Meritage Red Wine, $30 for a glass of the Rowen Red Wine and $16 for a glass of the Upshot Red Wine Blend.
Founded in 1994, Upshot has 170 employees and specializes in shopper marketing, brand initiatives and total brand engagement that seamlessly flow through digital, social, mobile and in-store environments.
Two Upshot Commerce clients - online merchants ZVox Audio and MPGear - have already started offering Buy with Affirm so customers can pay for purchases in multiple monthly installments with simple, clear financing fees that are a fraction of credit card interest rates.
The upshot is that Hibs have bagged just three SPL goals which, to go with Hearts' four, hardly inspires the belief that we're in for a blinder.
The upshot is we're happy he is in good hands." Garner is expected to be out for nine months.
The upshot was a 67-run victory at Queen's Park to keep the Proteas on course for a last-four spot - while the Windies' ultra-slim prospects hang on wide-margin successes in their remaining two matches and a series of freakishly favourable results elsewhere.
The upshot: an imminent foothold in LA, where it hasn't had a presence, and a one-day 6.4 percent bump in the company stock.
The upshot is that the Lamb is both addressed and envisioned in terms otherwise reserved to God.
The upshot of it all is that both secularism and Islam deny any possible link between religion and reason, but for different reasons: the former because it denies reason's capacity to know anything other than what is captured by our senses, the second because it denies that God is constrained by reason.
The upshot, however, is that Cardiff Bus have stopped all evening services running through this part of the city.
The upshot of DLA's and FEMA's newfound dependence on each other was a series of meetings that have been held since November.
The upshot is that the Karl Rove political theory on taxes could soon be tested.
The upshot? Districts aiming to push down algebra must build structures that keep students in math for all four years of high school.
Yet the upshot is a postmodern metanarrative that is not only incoherent but also, sadly, empty.