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upset the applecart

To ruin or interfere with one's plans or goals. Look, he's not trying to upset the applecart—he just needs to meet later in the day now, that's all.
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I don't want to alarm you, but

 and I don't want to upset you, but
an expression used to introduce bad or shocking news or gossip. Bill: I don't want to alarm you, but I see someone prowling around your car. Mary: Oh, goodness! I'll call the police! Bob: I don't want to upset you, but I have some bad news. Tom: Let me have it.
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upset someone's plans

Fig. to ruin someone's plans. I hope it doesn't upset your plans if I'm late for the meeting. No, it won't upset my plans at all.
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upset the apple cart

Fig. to mess up or ruin something. Tom really upset the apple cart by telling Mary the truth about Jane. I always knew he'd tell secrets and upset the apple cart.
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upset the applecart

Spoil carefully laid plans, as in Now don't upset the applecart by revealing where we're going. This expression started out as upset the cart, used since Roman times to mean "spoil everything." The precise idiom dates from the late 1700s.
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upset the applecart

If someone or something upsets the applecart, they do something which causes trouble or which spoils a satisfactory situation. It will only upset the applecart and confuse the issue if the topic is raised too soon. Note: You can also say that someone or something overturns the applecart. She still has the power to overturn the applecart by the sheer force of her personality and vocabulary.
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upset the apple cart

wreck an advantageous project or disturb the status quo.
The use of a cart piled high with apples as a metaphor for a satisfactory but possibly precarious state of affairs is recorded in various expressions from the late 18th century onwards.
1996 Business Age The real test will be instability in China…Another Tiananmen Square could really upset the apple cart.
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upset the/somebody’s ˈapple cart

(informal) do something that spoils a plan or stops the progress of something: Another, much cheaper hairdresser has opened next door, which has upset the apple cart.
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provides upset recognition and recovery training in jet, turboprop and general aviation aircraft.
There was a major emotional backlash among those left behind, who went online to express feelings like: "I am so upset," "I'm in mourning," "This is a blow.
3 : to force or be forced out of the usual position : overturn <Sit down before you upset the canoe.
2 -- 5 -- color) Clockwise from top left: Renee Fox, Simi Valley mother found dead after two-month search; Peter Foy, who upset three-term incumbent Judy Mikels for a seat on the Board of Supervisors; Koko the monkey, euthanized because of health problems; the Shekell Fire, which destroyed five homes and burned more than 13,000 acres.
We can see that the causes of children's and adult's upsets are similar.
4), but with little or no advantage in upset recovery time.
Fully pierced upsets are extensions of semipierced bodies.
Pizza Hut[R], America's Favorite Pizza, is prepared to reward the first school to secure the upset of a lifetime in this year's men's college basketball tournament.
Valencia (17-9-1) is coming off the upset of the summer, having defeated top-seeded and previously undefeated Cleveland of Reseda 2-1 in eight innings in Saturday's semifinals.
Other memorable upsets include the Broncos' 78-69 win over the defending national champion UCLA Bruins at the 1995 Maui Invitational, an 80-67 win over a 13th-ranked Cal team, which was led by Jason Kidd and Lamond Murray, in 1993 and a 77-66 victory over the University of North Carolina at the Pete Newell Challenge in 2004.
Their latest victory was a dramatic 1-0 upset of No.
Error Correcting Code (ECC) protects against single bit upsets (SBU) in memories, but this solution misses its goal for MCU and SEFI, which are proving more prominent in small geometries.
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Radiation qualification shows that the RAD750 will achieve a single event upset (SEU) hardness level of 1E-10 upsets/bit-day and a total ionizing of greater that 200Krads (Si).
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