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uproot someone from

some place Fig. to cause someone to move from a well-established home or setting. You should not uproot people from the land in which they were born. I just couldn't uproot myself from my home.
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uproot something from some place

to take up a plant or tree, roots and all. Wally uprooted the bush from the backyard and replanted it on the other side of the house. Who uprooted a rosebush from my garden?
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Next summer, UPM will use three machines equipped with an uprooter in North Savonia, as well as around a dozen machines across the whole of Finland.
q Huddersfield, The Parish THE UPROOTERS + Monkey Love Groove + Blue Lights
They are Mr Shiraz, Real Eyez, White Light Parade, If I Were King, The Cut, Test Switch Isolator, The Uprooters, Far From The Dance, The Kenst, The Moot, Roger Davies, Kay Taylor, The G Collective and Bongo Chilli and Dan Man.