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uproot someone from

some place Fig. to cause someone to move from a well-established home or setting. You should not uproot people from the land in which they were born. I just couldn't uproot myself from my home.
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uproot something from some place

to take up a plant or tree, roots and all. Wally uprooted the bush from the backyard and replanted it on the other side of the house. Who uprooted a rosebush from my garden?
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Authorities burned nearly PHP14.3-million worth of marijuana (cannabis sativa) plants they uprooted in two remote villages of Danao City in northern Cebu on Tuesday.
That is why we are running this Bhaang Ukhado (Uproot Cannabis) program so that youth are unable to get their hands on it", said a participant in the program.
Carrying the slogan 'No Filipino should be hungry,' Uproot Urban Farms has both B2C and B2B elements, catering to individual buyers and establishments that need fresh produce for their business.
The storm also uprooted trees and electricity poles and blew away roofs of mud-thatched huts and poultry farms in several areas including Sujawal, Chuhar Jamali, Gujjo, Keti Bandar and other towns.
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOFF) on Tuesday uprooted around 450 olive trees in Bardala village in the Jordan Valley, northern West Bank, using bulldozers.
Top officials of the traffic department, however, are not in favour of chopping the trees due to environmental concerns and have therefore written to the horticulture department to uproot them and replant them in some other area.
Presently, the cases of allergy have increased in Federal capital owing to the paper mulberry trees as authority concerned has failed to totally uproot the trees.
The St Patrick's Day reveller decided it would be a good idea to uproot some plants from outside The Errigle Inn in South Belfast.
1 : to take out by or as if by pulling up by the roots <Many trees were uprooted by the storm.>
Well, forget the crawling part, add some leverage to the yanking part, and you've got the Fiskars Uproot Weeder ($33).
Gush Katif, in the Gaza region, was closed by military fiat today to non-residents, ahead of the implementation of the government's Disengagement Plan to uproot all the Jewish communities in the Gaza Strip and in northern Samaria.
If this is what we are up against, it won't do much good to try to uproot whatever war-like inclinations may dwell within our minds.
They uproot the plants every year but in previous years they just threw them in the bin.
He has decided that, even though we take direct action and uproot crops, he cannot say on a summary basis that we cannot provide a defence of justification for our actions.
While societies ultimately cannot cope with unlimited numbers of displaced people, too little attention and too few resources are directed to preventing and resolving the conditions that uproot people in the first place.