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uproot someone from

some place Fig. to cause someone to move from a well-established home or setting. You should not uproot people from the land in which they were born. I just couldn't uproot myself from my home.
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uproot something from some place

to take up a plant or tree, roots and all. Wally uprooted the bush from the backyard and replanted it on the other side of the house. Who uprooted a rosebush from my garden?
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References in classic literature ?
Well, brother, to make a long story short, I was going in for a regular explosion here to uproot all malignant influences in the locality, but Pashenka won the day.
That I do not regret, for the mayor's wife and I are not sympathetic; but when Xavier uproots my pet araucaria and bears it across the garden into the conservatory I protest at the top of my voice.
Ghanaian foreign minister, for her part, referred to spread of terrorism in West Africa and activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria, and underlined the need for regional and mutual cooperation to uproot terrorism.
Our vision is to eradicate poverty worldwide, which is not possible overnight, but Uproot Poverty is determined to help everyone in need, but one by one.
Head of Husan village council, Mohammed Shosheh, told WAFA that forces proceeded in the early morning to uproot and seize the olive saplings in Ein al-Hawyeh area in the village of Husan.
Around 7pm, a crew in Penarth cordoned off an area of Baroness Place after a large tree began to uproot and sway towards properties.
We expect the Israeli bulldozers to arrive in the area at any moment to uproot the rest of the marked trees, which will make the total number of the uprooted trees 2,500," he said.
FEROCIOUS gusts of wind of more than 40mph ripped through the West Midlands yesterday, causing trees to uproot and block roads.
According to Politico, in a statement, the Israeli Government said that the Office of the President and the Ministry of Agriculture will not uproot the magnolia tree given as a gift to Peres by Obama.
The St Patrick's Day reveller decided it would be a good idea to uproot some plants from outside The Errigle Inn in South Belfast.
The government has concluded weapons of the army alone were not enough to uproot al-Qaeda in the country, forcing it to work at other levels - a campaign to spread moderation among Yemeni youth.
We the local authority in the governorate of Dhamar are ready to encourage farmers who are themselves convinced to uproot qat from their lands and replace it with food crops," said Yahya Al-Amri, the governor of Dhamar.