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slang Chubby or fat. I know we're constantly told that being skinny is sexy, but I like a woman who's well-upholstered and confident about it. Ever since I became a dad, I've started getting pretty well-upholstered around my waist.
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1. mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was a little upholstered, but not seriously impaired.
2. Go to (well-)upholstered.
See also: upholster


mod. chubby; plump. Fortunately, he was upholstered enough that the fall didn’t really hurt.


See also: upholster
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30ft Tall Flag Poles, 126 Yellow & Orange Upholstered Tub Chairs, 5 Metal Leg Reception Tables, 3 Brown Leatherette Settees, Notice Board, 2 Gilt Framed Mirrors, 3x 24inch Square Tables, 2x 6ft Folding Leg Tables, 4 Gilt Framed Mirrors, 26x Round and Oval Light Coloured Bar Tables, 2x 7ft Artificial Plants, 40inch Flat Screen TV, 21x Diamond Patterned Stacking Chairs, 5 Dark Stained Bar Table, Coin Operated Pool Table, 2 Dartboards, Pictures, 37 Chrome Framed Chairs, 33 Balloon Back Upholstered Chairs.
In his summing up, Judge Eyre said: "I am not persuaded that upholstered chairs as opposed to quality unupholstered chairs are necessary in order for the petitioners to achieve their legitimate objectives of furnishings which enable flexible use of the church and which are suitable in terms of appearance for modern use.
RESIDENTIAL FURNITURE INDUSTRY (2012) Type of Total # Shipments Payroll Manufacturing of Firms ($ Millions) ($ Millions) Upholstered 1,228 10,484 1,783 Non-Upholstered/Wood 2,421 4,128 961 Metal 294 2,169 351 Household Other 202 987 118 Type of Employment Employees/ Manufacturing Firm Upholstered 55,586 45.3 Non-Upholstered/Wood 31,514 13.0 Metal 9,485 32.3 Household Other 3,118 15.4 Source: U.S.
Decking is the upholstered support under the seat cushion in a loose seat construction.
The full adult-sized Pasadena upholstered beds are very different and with the range of co-ordinating accessories including rugs and curtains, parents can create a total makeover without lifting a paintbrush!
BEST BUY: For sheer elegance and comfort, be tempted by Laura Ashley's Provencale extending dining table, pounds 850, a pair of upholstered chairs, pounds 575, and upholstered Magdalene chairs dressed in Edwin natural loose covers (aka wedding reception style) pounds 325.
4 Woolrich has a new line of upholstered furniture to show at market, including this striking two-tone leather chair with matched, sloped ottoman, both with nailhead detailing.
Before he was a rock star, White upholstered furniture.
But with an option of three different woods--mahogany, rosewood, and briarwood--and interiors upholstered with Poltrona Frau leather, luxury is not lost to performance.
The bottom is upholstered with a no-slip fabric that grips the bedsheet to prevent migration.
The books' covers are "upholstered" with Dutch and Ivorian wax print cloth and are further enhanced with endpapers by world-renowned Congolese artist Cheri Samba.
Earlier predictions that the furniture industry and CPSC were about to agree on a draft upholstered furniture standard may have been premature.
One of the most widely used flame retardants for upholstered furniture and electrical/electronic equipment has received European scientific approval for continued use.