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upgrade someone or something to something

to raise someone or something to a higher grade or rank. Please upgrade me to first class. They upgraded the terrorist alert status to red.
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upgrade to something

to move up to a higher grade or rank. I would like to upgrade to a first-class seat. Please upgrade me to a better room.
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on the upgrade

improving or progressing.
See also: on, upgrade

on the upgrade

Improving or progressing.
See also: on, upgrade
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Maryland Department of Transportation state certificates of participation upgraded to 'AA' from 'AA-';
Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO) state lease obligations (BWI airport) upgraded to 'AA' from 'AA-'.
Foreign currency IDR upgraded to 'A' Rating Outlook Stable, from 'A-' Rating Outlook Stable;
33,059,000 class E-FXD notes upgraded to 'A-' from 'BBB';
16,000,000 class D notes upgraded to 'A+' from 'BBB+';
The credit enhancement for the upgraded classes as of March 25, 2006 distribution increased as much as 2 times the original credit enhancement percentage.
NEW YORK -- Fitch has upgraded 10 classes and affirmed 4 classes of 5 MMCA Auto Owner Trust asset-backed transactions as follows.
As of the February 2006 distribution date, CE levels for the upgraded classes have grown at least 6 times (x) their original levels since closing.