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on the upgrade

Making progress; increasingly successful. Your career is definitely on the upgrade now that you've gotten that big promotion. As a team, we're certainly on the upgrade—we've already won more games this year than we did all of last year.
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upgrade someone or something to something

to raise someone or something to a higher grade or rank. Please upgrade me to first class. They upgraded the terrorist alert status to red.
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upgrade to something

to move up to a higher grade or rank. I would like to upgrade to a first-class seat. Please upgrade me to a better room.
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on the upgrade

improving or progressing.
See also: on, upgrade

on the upgrade

Improving or progressing.
See also: on, upgrade
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Maryland Department of Transportation state lease obligations (Calvert Street Parking Garage) upgraded to 'AA+' from 'AA';
Senior unsecured notes and perpetual bond upgraded to 'BBB-', from 'BB+'.
22,000,000 class E-FX notes upgraded to 'A-' from 'BBB';
30,000,000 class C-FL notes upgraded to 'AA' from 'A';
The upgraded classes benefit from CE (in the form of subordination) three to four times the original levels.
The credit enhancement for the upgraded classes as of March 25, 2006 distribution increased as much as 2 times the original credit enhancement percentage.
NEW YORK -- Fitch has upgraded 10 classes and affirmed 4 classes of 5 MMCA Auto Owner Trust asset-backed transactions as follows.
As of the February 2006 distribution date, CE levels for the upgraded classes have grown at least 6 times (x) their original levels since closing.