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on the upgrade

Making progress; increasingly successful. Your career is definitely on the upgrade now that you've gotten that big promotion. As a team, we're certainly on the upgrade—we've already won more games this year than we did all of last year.
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upgrade to (something)

1. To acquire or move up to some better thing, position, rank, location, etc. After I got my tax refund, I decided to upgrade to a much better computer. I'm so happy we upgraded to first class—this is such a better way to fly!
2. To move or improve someone or something to a better or higher rank, position, grade, quality, etc. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "upgrade" and "to." We've been upgrading the entire department to a new state-of-the-art security system. Forecasters have upgraded the storm to a level-three alert. We've upgraded you to the penthouse suite to make up for our error.
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upgrade (someone or something) with (something)

To improve someone or something by providing or implementing something that is better quality or more effective. A noun or pronoun is used between "upgrade" and "to." We have upgraded the entire department with a new state-of-the-art computer system. After I got my tax refund, I decided to upgrade my computer with a more powerful processor.
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upgrade someone or something to something

to raise someone or something to a higher grade or rank. Please upgrade me to first class. They upgraded the terrorist alert status to red.
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upgrade to something

to move up to a higher grade or rank. I would like to upgrade to a first-class seat. Please upgrade me to a better room.
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on the upgrade

improving or progressing.
See also: on, upgrade

on the upgrade

Improving or progressing.
See also: on, upgrade
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Name of project: procurement and supply of " automated pathogen detection system with upgradable system software for the detection of salmonella species, listeria species, e.
The entry-level NDP1600 model processes 1600 documents/minute (dpm) and is upgradable to 2000dpm, while the NDP2000 processes 2000dpm without an upgrade.
Tenders are invited for Digital 2D Panoramic X-Ray; Upgradable to 3D
Pursuant to the State Purchasing Act (Official Code of Georgia Annotated 50-5-50 et seq.), this electronic Request for Quotes ("eRFQ") is being issued to establish a contract with one or more qualified suppliers who will provide a 2D Digital Panoramic X-Ray, upgradable to 3D or Approved Equivalent to Savannah Technical College (hereinafter, "the State Entity") as further described in this eRFQ.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Medical Equepments : Shadow less ceiling mounted LED OT light with camera (UPGRADABLE TYPE)
Shadow less ceiling mounted LED OT lights without camera (upgradable type)
It operates on Android Lollipop OS (upgradable to Marshmallow) and features 21MP rear and 5MP front camera with flash.
Contract award: supply of 2 spect-ct and spect upgradable 1 spect-ct with associated services to member institutions of the federation of luxembourg hospitals (spect2014).
Mercury Networks has announced that the present Quantum 6636 will be software upgradable to support the additional spectrum allowing it to use the full 150MHz.
The LDX Flex camera is software upgradable through Grass Valley's unique GV-eLicense program, which allows customers to flexibly trade off between CAPEXs and OPEXs.
Tenders are invited for Services for fiber connections - World Bank Group requires a minimum of one (1) Fiber connection with a minimum speed of 1 GBPS; this must be upgradable to at least 20 GBPS from the Equinix Datacenter located at 21715 Filigree Court, Ashburn, VA (Equinix) to the Bank s building located at 2121 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C., 20433, with NPA-NXX 202-473 (Site 1) or to 4120 Lafayette Center Dr.
Lot 1 (Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch CHEM): 1 tomoscintigraphe providing single photon emission (SPECT), upgradable to tomoscintigraphe single photon emission coupled to a scanner (SPECT-CT), with associated services.