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upgrade someone or something to something

to raise someone or something to a higher grade or rank. Please upgrade me to first class. They upgraded the terrorist alert status to red.
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upgrade to something

to move up to a higher grade or rank. I would like to upgrade to a first-class seat. Please upgrade me to a better room.
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on the upgrade

improving or progressing.
See also: on, upgrade

on the upgrade

Improving or progressing.
See also: on, upgrade
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Currently, developers of field upgradable applications must develop their own software for interfacing the FPGA programming methodology with the VxWorks RTOS.
High Resolution - The XANTE StockMaker provides 600 x 600 dpi resolution, upgradable to 1200 x 1200 dpi, for typeset quality output.
We greatly value our relationship with GoAhead because it accelerates the ability for our customers to design Xilinx Online(TM) upgradable systems," said Rich Sevcik, senior vice president and general manager of software, cores and support at Xilinx.
Although the roll-out of second-edition processor platform comes on the heels of the successful completion of Beta tests of the original model, the first version is completely upgradable.
The latest order allows TRS to meet expanding customer demand for higher-speed optical network testing by taking advantage of the NIC's flexible and readily upgradable platform.
The new product provides new media producers and corporate departments with an inexpensive and upgradable platform for delivering DVD titles.