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update someone about someone or something

 and update someone on someone or something
to tell someone the latest news about someone or something. Please update me about the current situation in France. Please update me about Tony.
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You can grab today's update through Windows Update, or you can manually download it here .
Here's a description of each of the required updates.
In semi-synchronous implementation, an update from the host will receive an "I/O Complete" response immediately from the primary controller after it puts the I/0 in the primary controller queue to be transferred to the remote controller later.
With its parent company, update software AG, and hosting partner, IBM, the company offers a complete CRM solution to more than 1,500 companies serving 170,000 end users in 80 countries.
The release of the Nougat update for the two devices comes about two weeks after the Galaxy S6 edge+ was updated to Android 7.
com/windows-10-creators-update-security-features-improved-defender-atp-could-prevent-2507656) Improved Windows Defender ATP Included in Creators Update
Additionally, the scripting capabilities of the KBOX 1000 can be used to update operating systems and applications for which vendors are not providing patches.
Along with confirming the shift in update scheduling, Samsung also noted that the first update package is slated to come this month.
In addition to providing a powerful email solution, the Exchange ActiveSync Update for Palm OS devices offers the following benefits:
Here's a rundown of Samsung's Android Nougat update list and their current software statuses.
Parallels announced today that the Update Release Candidate (RC) for the Parallels Desktop for Mac, released today, has been named "Best in Show" at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco.
The Cupertino giant is currently rolling out the supplemental security update that will fix the kernel issue and restore the seamless user experience of MacBooks and Mac devices once again.
Improved CPU management - the Linux update enables system administrators to assign any number of virtual CPUs, up to the number of physical CPUs available.
Ever since releasing its major firmware update for the PlayStation 4 console last month, Sony has been rolling out incremental updates that focus mainly on improving system performance.
The software update is transmitted as data "in-band" within PBS channels across the United States.