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upbraid someone for something

to scold someone for doing something. The judge upbraided David severely for his crime. Walter upbraided his son for denting the car.
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He did not take the opportunity to upbraid Pinochet for any of his repressive policies.
13) While some contemporary historical and religious scholars might argue that black Baptists took these genealogical tables too literally, these same scholars would do well to upbraid themselves for their continued and shameful practice of reading Africa and non-enslaved Africans and their many contributions out of history and the Bible.
But the priest's purpose was to upbraid sinners by referring to foul deeds in appropriately foul language; therefore, his morals should not be impugned.
Farlow to upbraid a few colleagues when he addressed the question of physiology in The Dinosauria (1990, University of California Press).
No-one is entitled to upbraid Marcus Trescothick for retiring prematurely from international cricket due to a stress-related illness.
THE Football Association clearly harbours a desperate desire to fill its days if it feels the need to upbraid Middlesbrough and Everton for the ``brawl'' at The Riverside on Sunday.
She would approach senior female staffers in the Mess and upbraid them for not wearing stockings like a lady should.
It's fair to upbraid Doug Ellis for his stewardship of some aspects of Aston Villa but I would have thought most Villa fans prefer the notion of talented youngsters being imbued with the privilege of wearing the Claret and Blue, rather than moody mercenaries who are just passing through.
The day after we saw the movie, a student knocked over a display in the back of a classroom and, as the teacher began to upbraid him, he turned his palms outward and shrugged.
Heaven knows there are a thousand legitimate grievances with which to upbraid the Prime Minister.
He has indeed been known to upbraid women MPs for wearing trousers in the House of Commons rather than skirts.
Note, though, Chancellor Brown took the occasion of his first speech back from paternity leave to upbraid his continental counterparts for feebleness.
In his lecturing mode, Chancellor Brown likes nothing better than to upbraid other participants in the British economy for their lack of productivity.