up with

up with (someone or something)

1. A phrase used to emphasize one's enthusiastic support of or demand for someone or something. Protestors flooded the streets, shouting, "Up with democracy!" We were all chanting, "Up with King Boronos!" as we stood outside the parliament building.
2. Very familiar with or knowledgeable about something. You're asking the wrong guy. I'm not at all up with current fashion trends. My parents are up with all sorts of cool new music, much to the surprise of my friends. Make sure you keep up with the policy changes that will be implemented throughout the year.
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*up with someone

Fig. even with someone; caught up with someone. (*Typically: be ~; catch ~; get ~.) I'm up with the best of them. Are you up with your colleagues on this one?
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She told him so, and they embraced, and walked on and came up with the schoolmaster.
Our wild guffaws of laughter penetrated even Great-aunt Eliza's deafness, and she glanced up with a startled face.
Mixed up with many striking, thoroughly dramatic physiognomies, it must be confessed that some of these portraits scarcely help at all to explain the power of the players to whom they belonged.
Rachel says, `Avonlea must keep up with the procession, that's what.' But somehow I feel as if I didn't want Avonlea spoiled by what Mr.
I suppose it was the Pye receiver being hung up with profane energy.
ISLAMABAD -- Due to unscheduled frequent power outages in the city, the demand for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units and batteries has gone up with 25 to 30 percent increase in their prices as compared to the last year's.
Dealers of generators told APP that sale of generators was slow a few weeks ago, but picked up with the frequent load shedding and with the change of weather.
For Latin American manufacturers, distributors, growers and other shippers, the most effective solution may be teaming up with a knowledgeable logistics partner who can provide either direct shipping services or third-party logistics (3PL) solutions.
Sevel, 35, came up with the idea for the business while selling UPS and computer room air-conditioning systems, after graduating in 1987 from the University of Rochester-New York with a mechanical engineering degree.
Laws and regulations are not keeping up with business models so that means we have to get in front of customs officials to explain what we're doing and make any modifications based on their input.