up to neck

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up to (one's) neck (in something)

Extremely busy (with something); deeply or overly involved (in something); possessing, filled up with, or overwhelmed by an excessive amount (of something). There's no way I can take a vacation right now, I'm up to my neck in work at the moment! I only meant to be peripherally involved in David's business venture, but before I knew it I was in up to my neck! Dana was worried she wouldn't find any work as an accountant working for herself, but she's up to her neck in clients!
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*up to one's neck (in something)

 and *up to one's ears (in something); *up to one's eyeballs (in something)
having a lot of something; Fig. very much involved in something; immersed in something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I can't come to the meeting. I'm up to my neck in these reports. Mary is up to her ears in her work. I am up to my eyeballs in things to do! I can't do any more!
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up to (one's) neck

Deeply involved or occupied fully: I'm up to my neck in paperwork.
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