up to ears

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up to (one's) ears in (something)

1. Having an excessive or overwhelming amount of something. We're still unpacking our new house, so we're just up to our ears in boxes. If any of my guys get hurt at the construction site, I'll be up to my ears in paperwork.
2. Extremely busy with something; deeply or overly involved in something. There's no way I can take a vacation right now, I'm up to my ears in work at the moment! I only meant to be have a consulting role, but before I knew it I was in up to my ears in David's new business venture!
See also: ear, up

up to one's ears

(in something) Go to up to one's neck (in something).
See also: ear, up

up to (one's) ears

Deeply involved or occupied fully: I'm up to my ears in work.
See also: ear, up