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The Guns say they do have one ace up their sleeve - they're confident they can sway the umpire.
TNT's management will have to roll up their sleeves, come up with a plan and get down to work," Scholte said.
So its time for idea-gurus to roll up their sleeves and send in their nominations for proto.
WASHINGTON - Vaccines aren't just for kids, but far too few grown-ups are rolling up their sleeves, disappointed federal health officials reported Wednesday.
CHILDREN are being encouraged to roll up their sleeves and enjoy getting their hands dirty during a summer of grotty fun at a Staffordshire tourist attraction.
CITY councillor Hazel Noonan and Adele Ball, chairwoman of the Action for Cheylesmore group, rolled up their sleeves and joined in a litter-pick at the weekend.
To defend freedom and democracy in World War II, lots of people rolled up their sleeves and went to work.
Meanwhile, conventional beam-style robots have a powerful new trick up their sleeves in the form of zippy linear-servo drives.
Today, California Water Boards (known previously as the State Water Resources Control Board) board members Richard Katz and Nancy Sutley, Los Angeles City Councilmember Jack Weiss, and approximately 300 volunteers rolled up their sleeves to clean the Los Angeles River and launch programs to involve communities in the L.