up for reelection

*up for reelection

Fig. to be running for reelection to an office or position. (*Typically: be ~; come ~.) The governor is up for reelection in the fall. Lily is up for reelection this fall.
See also: up
References in classic literature ?
In return for this the Republicans would agree to put up no candidate the following year, when Scully himself came up for reelection as the other alderman from the ward.
Baucus is up for reelection in '08, which means, according to one former Finance Committee staffer, "he's going to be moving in directions that will help win him reelection.
Second, a surprisingly large number of senators with important roles on committees affecting the nursing home field are up for reelection.
Los Angeles will hold the first of the municipal mega-elections of 1997 in April, when Republican ayor Richard Riordan and half of the city council will be up for reelection.