up for

up for (something)

1. Ready and willing to do something Sure, I'm up for going to the mall. I'm a little busy right now, but your brother is probably up for a game of basketball. Dr. Stephen will be up for tenure at the end of this term.
2. Slated for a potential change in one's official status. The boss said I might be up for a promotion after the next quarter. Nicky's been on his best behavior since he's up for parole next year.
See also: up

*up for something

1. Fig.[of someone] mentally ready for something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; get oneself ~.) The team is up for the game tonight. We are all up for the contest.
2. Sl. agreeable to something. (*Typically: be ~.) I'm up for a pizza. Anybody want to chip in? Who's up for a swim?
See also: up
References in classic literature ?
I do not remember how I got the money to buy them; to be sure it was no great sum; but it must have been given me out of the sums we were all working so hard to make up for the debt, and the interest on the debt (that is always the wicked pinch for the debtor
But I'll make up for that when you come to see me at Government House, as you all must the very next time you come to town.
The Story Girl would have been more than human if she had not betrayed a little triumphant amusement, but Peter stood up for his lady manfully.
Dan, however, began to taunt Felicity with her tooth-powder rusks, and kept it up for the rest of his natural life.
Let us now," said Wendy, bracing herself up for her finest effort, "take a peep into the future"; and they all gave themselves the twist that makes peeps into the future easier.