up before

*up before someone

Fig. standing in front of someone to receive something. (Especially in front of a judge. *Typically: be ~; come ~; stand ~.) Have you been up before me before? I have never been up before any judge.
See also: before, up

up before somebody/something

appearing in front of somebody in authority for a judgement to be made about something that you have done: He came up before the local magistrate for speeding.
References in classic literature ?
Her ideal of happiness was to have a girl to do the rough work so that she need not herself get up before seven.
In the fourth attempt he managed to gain half way up before he fell, coming down heavily on his side.
As she changed her frock, she wondered whether Cecil was sneering at her; really she must overhaul herself and settle everything up before she married him.
Mowgli walked on, for he was feeling hungry, and when he came to the village gate he saw the big thorn-bush that was drawn up before the gate at twilight, pushed to one side.