up and down (something)

up and down

1. Alternately happy and sad, as due to depression or a traumatic event. My dad's been quite up and down ever since he lost his job at the factory. I was really confused as to why I felt so up and down after having my baby, until my doctor told me about postpartum depression.
2. Going between success and failure. Things were a bit up and down in the first few years of the business, but now we're seeing stable profit growth each month.
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up and down (something)

All over or across something or some place; the length and breadth of something or some place. The recession brought people up and down the country into severe financial constraints. I searched up and down the street, but I can't find my keys anywhere. I don't know where else I could have dropped them, though.
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up and ˈdown

sometimes good and sometimes bad: One moment he seems well, the next he’s sick again — he’s up and down all the time.My relationship with him was very up and down.
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up and down something

all over something; everywhere in a place: People up and down the country are giving money to the earthquake appeal.
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