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unvarnished truth

The total, unadulterated truth; frank honesty not diluted or softened in any way by omission or embellishment. Your job is to give me the unvarnished truth about the company's performance each quarter, no matter how bleak it may be. Sarah isn't afraid to speak the unvarnished truth about what she thinks of anyone or anything.
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unvarnished truth

The plain facts without embellishment, as in Let's just have the unvarnished truth about the sale. This idiom was first recorded in 1883, although unvarnished had been used to describe a direct statement since Shakespeare's time.
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unvarnished truth, the

The straight facts. This expression has antecedents in the writings of Aeschylus (“Simple are the words of truth”), Euripides (“Plain and unvarnished are the words of truth”), and other ancient writers. Shakespeare came close to the modern wording: “In speaking for myself . . . I will a round unvarnish’d tale deliver of my whole course of love” (Othello, 1.3). See also tell it like it is.
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The doors open to a quote from John Hope Franklin: "We've got to tell the unvarnished truth.
In these moments of unvarnished, heartbreaking truth, Todd's call to arms strikes an undeniably moving chord.
TREAT affected furniture by injecting each flight hole with a liberal dose of fluid and brush it on unvarnished surfaces, such as the underside and inside of drawers.
The Unvarnished Tales of the #BrothersGrimm: A Conversation with #JackZipes @worldlittoday
The unvarnished truth is our birthright, but we don't hear it often enough in politics.
From the comfort of their own homes, the ordinary members of the public are given the opportunity to provide viewers with their own completely unvarnished judgement on whether the newest products on the block are completely indispensable - or just utterly useless.
Now at last we have the unvarnished truth from someone who really knows the score: playing golf for a living is not a job, just a very well paid indulgence.
But his bluntness and unvarnished honesty turns a police press conference from a success story into a PR disaster and he's booted to the Missing Persons Unit as a punishment.
With themes of rebellion set to simple punk power chords, Joan Jett remains unvarnished indeed.
Tyson gives an unvarnished recounting of his life's highs and lows, including his years in prison, biting Evander Holyfield's ear, his marriages, being a tabloid target and his drug use.
This unvarnished picture of life in South Arabia is based on her diaries.
Of interest to students of Southwestern American history and Indian history, this memoir of Arizona Yavapai Mike Burns' life provides a unique and unvarnished look at the atrocities and cultural genocide committed against the native peoples of the region, and presents one man's personal perspective, molded by his experiences living as an Indian in white society, of the travails of his people.
Warren's unvarnished criticisms of the banking and finance industry won her many progressive supporters, but it also earned her some enemies on Capitol Hill.
In home furnishings, one of the top trends for 2012 carried over from 2011 continues to be wood (either as smooth unvarnished surfaces or textured accents such as chips), stone effects and botanical patterns.
In this month's Q & A, The Real Deal talked to market analysts and CEOs of brokerages to get their unvarnished views of what to expect in 2011.