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Pierce's tracing of the relationship between place and self in Bowen's Court, Seven Winters, and The Last September demonstrates the importance of setting as a living entity, thus deconstructing an anthropomorphic critical lens, a move also performed by Greg Winston in his essay on George Moore's The Untilled Field.
The Untilled Garden: Natural History and the Spirit of Conservation in America, 1740-1840, by Richard W.
Tollefson, Leaching rates and preferential flow of selected herbicides through tilled and untilled soil, J Environ Qual 29:1650-1656 (2000)
The group took charge of the nice chunk of chest-high grassland two years ago, under the auspices of the Eugene nonprofit Huerto de la Familia - "the family garden" in Spanish - and, with a lot of advice, grants and elbow grease, transformed the rich soil, which qualified as organic after being untilled and unspoiled for more than 40 years, into the largest plot of organic black cap raspberries in Oregon.
There is a second issue that Carpenter touches upon but leaves largely untilled.
Many traditional farmers, unable to compete in the global market with heavily subsidised and corporate producers, simply left their land untilled and migrated to the cities in search of work.
The economy of Oser's argument leaves very little ground untilled, and this instance is no exception.
The fruit yield in the manual and tractor plots were 67 and 157% higher than on the untilled plots.
Objectivity of tone, allied with their topographical grounding, invites us to read McGahern's last two novels, especially, as quasi-documentary records, in the tradition of George Moore's The Untilled Field (1903) and Joyce's Dubliners (1914), often cited as founding texts of Irish naturalism.
All along, next to the dirt/mud path to the side, like a trenched--An untilled bed.
Sometimes growers will till alternate rows only, seeding the untilled rows to an annual self reseeding cover crop.
a stumppocked scene of profound and peaceful desolation, unplowed, untilled, gutting slowly into red and choked ravines.
And while neither can be taken for granted, the untilled landscape that lies ahead demands a response from us as to how we will construct and safeguard our fresh narrative.
Sowing Seeds in an Untilled Field: Temperance and Race, Inde-tcrminancy and Recovery in Frances E.