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But--as seen in Glasgow's nervous distinction between the "shiftless class of sharecropper or 'poor white'" and her "land poor" yeoman families who had "owned, and had always owned, every foot of the impoverished soil which they tilled, or left untilled, on their farms"--it is also informed by a residual republicanism in which citizenship and whiteness are underwritten by land ownership (Certain 156).
The nature of Ramon's exorcism clearly invokes the different uses of terms such as barbarian and pagan: "that ye depart from them, and disperse yourselves into wild and untilled places" (179).
And while neither can be taken for granted, the untilled landscape that lies ahead demands a response from us as to how we will construct and safeguard our fresh narrative.
In his introduction to The Penguin Book of Irish Short Stories, for instance, Kiely rejects Frank O'Connor's statement that 'the Irish short story began with George Moore's collection, The Untilled Field' and points instead to the much longer Irish tale tradition, seeking acknowledgement for 'the short stories and long stories, and short stories that were part of long stories, in Ireland and elsewhere since the word of King Goll, who later went crazy, was law from Ith to Emen'.
In comparison to adjacent untilled sites, conventionally tilled sites presented 4-33% higher bulk density at 0-0.
This book seems to break untilled ground, because in a cursory search of the literature, I could find no other books on the cultural impact of musical instrument building within a specific region of the world.
This is a shame because the story of the Maginot Line presents such fertile ground for military thinkers--ground that Fortress France leaves untilled.
Wild parsnips are apt to be more difficult to dig than those in a garden, since they are mixed with competing weeds on untilled ground.
High barrows without marble or a name, A vast untilled and mountain-skirted plain, And Ida in the distance, still the same, And old Scamander (if'tis he) remain: The situation seems still formed for fame-- A hundred thousand men might fight again With ease; but where I sought for Ilion's walls, The quiet sheep feeds, and the tortoise crawls.
Low-disturbance aeration tillage creates an absorptive surface in untilled ground that inhibits overland flow by fracturing the soil, increasing surface roughness, improving infiltration, and conserving crop residues.
2002), especially when they are untilled (Colorado Division of Wildlife 2002a; McCain, Reading & Miller 2000).
Where before, children would have gone untaught, adults untrained, dying untended, land untilled, societies unsheltered.
The range of subjects on which they have written, from such centrally canonical figures as Dickens, George Eliot, and Matthew Arnold to such relatively untilled fields of literary enquiry as T.
Most of the land at CPBS is untilled prairie although some of the property is former cropland seeded with native species (Kaul et al.