until all hours (of the day and night)

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until all hours (of the day and night)

Until a very late hour of the night or early hour of the morning. Johnny keeps taking the car and staying out until all hours, and I just don't know what to do anymore! My boyfriend lives in another state, so to make up for the long distance, we stay up talking until all hours of the day and night.
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until all hours

Fig. until very late. Mary is out until all hours, night after night. If I'm up until all hours two nights in a row, I'm just exhausted.
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till/until ˈall hours

until very late at night or early next morning: She sat up till all hours trying to finish her essay.
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"We did a job on the gallop last week and he was out there helping me until all hours of the night in the pouring rain.
"We lived for the fairs, when they had all Castle Street lit up until all hours of the night with big lamps, and then there were the regattas which were big events in those days, with about 200 families connected with the fishing and mussel industry."
In hindsight, it was a fabulously creative idea and the teens were very excited about being able to create their characters' dialog; however, had I known I would be writing a script until all hours of the night for weeks, I may have rethought this ingenious idea.
Sydney turned on some amazing weather and we spent our time strolling the beaches and soaking up the sun, then talking until all hours of the night.
(Named young girl) was out until all hours of the night sitting with all the druggies.
But not only does the Galway crowd bet like kicking donkeys, a fair number are out on the clatter in Galway until all hours of the night.