until all hours

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until all hours (of the day and night)

Until a very late hour of the night or early hour of the morning. Johnny keeps taking the car and staying out until all hours, and I just don't know what to do anymore! My boyfriend lives in another state, so to make up for the long distance, we stay up talking until all hours of the day and night.
See also: all, and, hour, until

until all hours

Fig. until very late. Mary is out until all hours, night after night. If I'm up until all hours two nights in a row, I'm just exhausted.
See also: all, hour, until

till/until ˈall hours

until very late at night or early next morning: She sat up till all hours trying to finish her essay.
See also: all, hour, till, until
References in periodicals archive ?
I worked hard to gain my BA (Hons) at The University of Glamorgan, attending lectures and seminars and writing essays until all hours to gain my degree: so, why oh why, has Dannii Minogue been given a doctorate - which is two steps up from a degree?
"We have kids as young as 11 and 12 coming here and break-inin to take drugs with other adults until all hours in the morning.
They talk of businesses going under if they can't stay open until all hours but think of the residents.
I know she lets them drink and stay out until all hours. I need to know what other readers do in these situations.
Another neighbour said: "You can usually hear shouting and messing about until all hours when decent people are in bed asleep."
Going to pubs until all hours ruins the school lives of children, not to mention the damage alcohol does to their bodies and minds.
But not only does the Galway crowd bet like kicking donkeys, a fair number are out on the clatter in Galway until all hours of the night.
I am having to put up with hordes of people driving up and down a residential area and gawping in my windows until all hours, and near on impossible parking conditions.
"I make up for it at weekends though and go out dancing and partying until all hours. But you can only go so wild when you have to work hours like that - although I wouldn't change it for the world."