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unsusceptible of (something)

Not admitting, yielding readily to, or capable of something. I'm afraid the cancer has spread to his bones, so it has become unsusceptible of treatment. By the very nature of fiction, no novel is unsusceptible of unique and varying interpretations. I refuse to entertain such conspiracy theories that are unsusceptible of basic scientific evidence!
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unsusceptible to (something)

1. Not easily influenced or impressed by something. The mayor has proven unsusceptible to bribery, so we'll need to find another way of getting around him. You'll find that the board of directors is unsusceptible to persuasion once they have made a decision.
2. Not liable to contract or be afflicted by something. No matter how much you exercise or how good your diet may be, no person is 100% unsusceptible to the various diseases and infections of the world. Children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems are especially susceptible to the 'flu, so we always recommend that they receive a vaccination each year heading into winter.
3. Not very sensitive to or easily irritated by something. The strong medication ended up damaging the lining in my stomach, making me very susceptible to alcohol and spicy food. Regular brushing and flossing, as well as avoiding sugary foods, will help make your teeth unsusceptible to tooth decay.
4. Not admitting, yielding readily to, or capable of some specific treatment. The damage to my nerves has left large portions of my skin unsusceptible to pain. By the very nature of fiction, no novel is unsusceptible to unique and varying interpretations.
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Formalists who privilege the commercial nature of the regulated conduct must demonstrate that their approach is correct about the meaning of the term "Commerce." They must also show that their approach is relatively determinate, administrable, and unsusceptible to judicial manipulation.
(29) The consent decree first incorporated the Wyatt standards into the settlement and made them unsusceptible to challenges based on any changes in the law.
of policy and expediency, are unsusceptible of judicial cognizance and
Only if the question posed is one whose complexity and depth renders it unsusceptible to rational examination does the dramatic treatment seem to us appropriate, and the dramatic solution become enlightening.
To conclude, bacteria under antibiotic selective pressure have the ability to acquire and exchange antibiotic resistance genes, developing new proteins and loosing some other proteins making them unsusceptible to certain antibiotic treatments.
The idea that explicit knowledge will never become implicit, then renders the conclusion that learners' interlanguage system is unsusceptible to CF, or, in Truscott's (1996) words, that CF will only lead to "a superficial and possibly transient form of knowledge" (p.
Injury from perinatal air pollution exposure could also be responsible for the increased proportion of unsusceptible individuals who, because of their exposure to pollutants during the susceptibility window and because of epigenetic alterations due to environmental factors, will become susceptible.
5A, corin was able to process the original nonglycosylated proBNP [40.7% (1.1%)] and proBNP-T71A [11.7% (1.3)%], whereas proBNP-WT glycosylated in the cleavage site region (10) was unsusceptible to corin-mediated cleavage.
Normally, the relevant choice is between dynamic constitutional interpretation yielding rules that are unsusceptible to democratic correction and creating no rule at all.
into her end product, artificially rendering it unsusceptible to reverse
at 9 (explaining that "[a] mandatory rule is nonjurisdictional but nevertheless has the jurisdictional attribute of being unsusceptible to equitable excuses for noncompliance").
In its vivid vocabulary, the poem betrays its indebtedness to the neo-Platonic understanding of music that was so fundamental to the intellectual experience of Leo's intimates: the choir is described as "immortal," the sweet songs it sings as impervious to the effects of a thunderbolt or the passing of time, so that the music it produces will never be consumed "in withering decay." Here in Goritz's garden, as elsewhere in Leo's Rome, terrestrial musica organica was understood as a fleeting evocation of the immortal, eternal music of the spheres, which was utterly unsusceptible to mutation; the implications of these neo-Platonic sensibilities for the music-making that occurred in Goritz's garden academy will be explored further.
In short, the Immediate (and therefore in itself unsusceptible of mediation--the Unanalyzable, the Inexplicable, the Unintellectual) runs in a continuous stream through our lives; it is the sum total of consciousness, whose mediation, which is the continuity of it, is brought about by a real effective force behind consciousness" (Peirce 1955, pp.
Negative implications of global crisis impacted all the banks but the national market remained unsusceptible to any shock as compared to international market.
They explained it by stress concentrating in the polymer matrix near the filler, which subsequently makes the composite unsusceptible to failure in a brittle manner, in contrast to a pure polymer matrix (23).